Soobin of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) recently sat down with Weverse Magazine. He shed light on his personal and professional lives, including the things that bring him genuine happiness.


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A transformative period

He began by talking about his friends. Recalling a recent trip to Gapyeong, he described it as a memorable experience. “We had a cooking competition, then they had me teach them the dance for ‘Sugar Rush Ride.’ So I showed them and then they held a competition and asked me to be the judge. It was really fun and super cute,” he reminisced.

Beyond the occasional road trip, his friends play a huge role in his life. “It’s fair to say they know me really well. They really love me and look out for me. Usually when they say something like, “Choi Soobin’s eating only this much? Something wrong?”—there really is something wrong. These days they’re so good at seeing through me. It’s almost annoying,” he said with a laugh. “Even though we bicker sometimes, it leads to self-improvement. I guess you could say I’ve become a kinder person overall and I’m capable of being a lot more open now. I really learned how to express myself.”

Last year was a transformative period for Soobin. He sought guidance from experienced artists, leading to a fresh perspective. This change brought about a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to break away from routine. His varied interests, from swimming to baking, showcase his zest for life. “I’m the kind of person who pretty much goes ahead and does things as soon as I want to do them. I never hesitate to start something and I’ll even skip sleep when I want to try something. I can’t stand when I don’t have a hobby to do. It’s tough for me if I can’t have a good time and break out of my routine with something new,” he explained.

Jang Dukhwa/Weverse Magazine

Pure love

Despite the challenges that come with it, Soobin loves his work. “I don’t think I could’ve put this much into any job other than this one. I feel like I’ve always done my best, right from when we debuted, but now it’s like I’m trying to be even better than my best. It might not be the case for everyone in this field, but I think this work makes me really happy, way more than it brings me pain. It brings me so much joy that it’s worth sticking with, no matter what I have to go through.”

Soobin considers the group’s last world tour a highlight of his career. Unlike many artists who feel empty after a show, he cherishes the solitude. “After seeing all those people in big crowds, coming back and having some alone time, it’s—I mean, that’s a really full day. I think it’s important to have time to be alone and reflect, and to enjoy your hobbies.”

That time, combined with the love he receives from fans, gives him the strength he needs to go on. “It’s even hard for me to grasp, for someone who used to be a fan myself. To me, it even feels like what fans are giving is just pure love,” he mused. “It’s not like the love between friends or between a couple—it’s something completely special that can’t ever be explained. I’ve been a fan before, too, but speaking as a singer, it’s amazing how unconditional their love can be.”

Jang Dukhwa/Weverse Magazine

Soobin and the pursuit of happiness

Speaking of love, Soobin’s members are close to his heart. Like any K-pop group’s leader, he acts as their confidant. When they’re on tour, he gets a big room because the others always end up hanging out with him. “I’m happy when they come in and I always hope they do,” he said. “They come to me when they’re facing some kind of difficulty, whether it’s personal or something related to the group, or when they just want to talk.”

Those conversations helped him understand what the members really want out of life. Knowing that some dreamed of making it to the top of their field motivated Soobin to work harder. “I figured, if that’s what will make them happiest, then I’ll work toward the same goal with them. Nothing makes me happier than seeing them all happy. I think the people I care about being happy makes me really happy and is as important to me as my own happiness. At least for me.”

Soobin‘s journey in the industry has been filled with highs and lows. As he continues to navigate fame, one thing remains clear: his pursuit of happiness is deeply intertwined with the joy of others. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Soobin is a great leader because he cares about his members’ happiness. Source: X/@SexiestJiminie.