Sulli’s final project will finally be released. It has been confirmed that part of what was originally conceived as “Persona: Sulli” will be screened at the 28th Busan International Film Festival. In addition, the late actress’ posthumous film will feature her final interview which was originally recorded back in 2019.

Sulli Posthumous Film ‘Dear Jinri’ To Screen At Busan International Film Festival

On September 5th, Senior Programmer Nam Dong Chul participated in the virtual press conference for the 28th Busan International Film Festival, where he revealed an array of exciting details. During the event, he unveiled the list of invited films, highlighted major upcoming events, and introduced special guests. A significant revelation was the premiere of the documentary film “Dear Jinri” which contains the final moments and an exclusive interview with the late Sulli, marking its debut at the festival.

“Dear Jinri” is a feature-length documentary that intimately captures the daily concerns and inner reflections of the renowned actor and artist, Sulli, known by her real name, Choi Jinri, at the age of 25. The documentary takes the form of a candid interview, offering viewers a unique insight into the thoughts and emotions that occupied Sulli’s world.

Notably, “Dear Jinri” is set to have its global premiere as part of the Documentary Showcase featured within the Wide Angle section at the 28th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). This year’s BIFF is scheduled to unfold over a span of ten days, commencing on October 4th and concluding on October 13th. The festival will then take place in the vibrant setting of the Busan Cinema Center, promising a rich and diverse cinematic experience for attendees.

‘Persona: Sulli’ To Be Released In Korea In Late 2023

On September 6th, Mystic Story, the production company behind “Persona: Sulli,” officially confirmed that the film is scheduled for release in the latter half of this year and unveiled a captivating main poster. “Persona: Sulli” is a two-part endeavor, consisting of the short feature film “4: Clean Island,” with Sulli in the leading role, and the feature-length documentary film “Dear Jinri.” Film enthusiasts can then anticipate a powerful cinematic experience as they delve into the world of the late icon.

Originally conceived as ‘Persona: Sulli,’ this project was initially intended to be part of the second season of the ‘Persona’ anthology series. This innovative series spotlights one actor as the inspiration for five distinct short films, each directed by a different filmmaker. The first season, centered around IU, premiered in 2019 and garnered widespread acclaim. The second season featuring Sulli was initially reported to stream on Netflix.

On October 14, 2019, SULLI’s brother found her dead in her house in Seongnam. The “Real” actress had reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself. She was 25 years old.