Choi Siwon has broken his silence. The SUPER JUNIOR member has officially addressed the recent allegations of his involvement in coin fraud.

Choi Siwon Issues Statement Regarding Coin Fraud Allegations

In his statement, Choi Siwon unequivocally denied any involvement in the alleged coin fraud, asserting his innocence and refuting the accusations leveled against him. He expressed his deep disappointment and frustration at being falsely implicated in such a serious matter, emphasizing his commitment to upholding integrity and ethical conduct in all aspects of his life and career.

Furthermore, Choi Siwon reiterated his unwavering dedication to his fans and supporters, assuring them that he would not engage in any activities that could compromise their trust and admiration for him. He emphasized the importance of transparency and honesty, pledging to cooperate fully with any investigations to clear his name and address the baseless allegations against him.

“I wish to express explicitly that I have no involvement with regard to the controversy surrounding the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay,” the statement read. “Furthermore, I have never been appointed as an ambassador for the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay. While I have received an award at a ceremony organized by the Korea Youth Committee, this was in recognition of setting a good example for the youth, as intended by the committee, and is unrelated to the current controversy.

“I want to make it clear that I have had no involvement in the Korea Youth Committee’s Youth Pay or any individual’s political activities,” it concluded.

Siwon’s Future in The Industry

Choi Siwon’s statement serves as a resolute defense of his character and reputation in the face of unfounded accusations, underscoring his determination to confront and refute any false claims made against him. As a beloved member of SUPER JUNIOR and a respected figure in the entertainment industry, his steadfast denial of involvement in the coin fraud allegations also reaffirms his commitment to maintaining the trust and respect of his fans and colleagues.

Moving forward, Choi Siwon’s statement signals his intent to address the situation head-on and seek resolution, while also reaffirming his dedication to his career and his principles. As the truth unfolds and investigations progress, Choi’s supporters also stand by him, unwavering in their belief in his integrity and innocence.