Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Jung In Sun are reportedly considering lead roles in the upcoming drama “DNA Lover” (literal title). The news has sparked excitement among fans, as the potential collaboration between Choi Siwon and Jung In Sun also adds anticipation to the romantic comedy.

Choi Siwon in Talks to Play Handsome Doctor in New Show

According to reports, Choi Siwon has received an offer to play the character Shim Yeon Woo, a handsome gynecologist known for his quick decisions to end relationships. His character’s skepticism about marriage and fate sets the stage for an intriguing dynamic in the storyline.

On the other hand, Jung In Sun is said to have been offered the role of Han So Jin, a genetic researcher with a series of unsuccessful relationships. The plot revolves also around her character’s quest to find her ideal partner through genetic compatibility.

Both Choi Siwon’s agency, SM Entertainment, and Jung In Sun’s agency H& Entertainment, have confirmed that the actors are reviewing the offers. The potential collaboration between these two talented actors has already generated considerable interest, and fans are also eager to see how their on-screen chemistry will unfold in the romantic comedy.

“DNA Lover” is slated to be a refreshing addition to the romantic comedy genre, combining elements of genetics and relationships. The premise of a genetic researcher searching for love through genetic compatibility also introduces a unique twist to the typical romantic storyline. The drama is expected to explore themes of fate, love, and the role of genetics in relationships.

As fans eagerly await further updates, the prospect of Choi Siwon and Jung In Sun headlining “DNA Lover” promises an engaging and entertaining drama. If the actors confirm their roles, viewers can anticipate a delightful on-screen pairing, bringing their individual charisma and acting skills to create a memorable romantic comedy experience. “DNA Lover” is scheduled to be broadcast next year, adding to the list of highly anticipated K-dramas in the upcoming season.