SUZY is ready for marriage. The “Vagabond” star confirmed that she is open to possibly tying the knot by next year. Bae Suzy also spoke about growing up and aging in the limelight.

SUZY Opens Up About Aging and Marriage

Bae Suzy was recently a guest on “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” where she spoke about debuting at a young age. The former MISS A member admitted that growing up in the entertainment industry has not been easy.

“I debuted when I was too young, and I imagined that when I age, everything will become easier and I’ll be more mature,” she said. “Nothing seems to have changed though. I’m getting older and getting more wrinkles, and I’m enjoying it.”

Suzy added, “I like it because it feels like I’m becoming a better person with each year that passes. I think I try to find those things within myself. I don’t think about things too deeply.”

Bae Suzy debuted with MISS A in March 2010 and soon ventured into acting. She has been a singer and actor for 13 years and continues to be an influential figure in the industry.

Not surprisingly, SUZY confirmed that she had thought about marriage and met with a fortune teller to discuss her future.

“I went to a fortune teller recently, and they told me that it’d be best if I got married at age 31. That’s next year though. If I do get married next year, I don’t think I’d regret it,” she said.

The “Start-Up” star continued, “If I do get married, it’ll either be very simple or very grand. There’s no standard for the age to get married, but it’s a young age.”

Suzy has been busy with several projects in the past year. Her latest web series “Anna” premiered on Couprang Play in June 2022. Bae Suzy also returned to singing, releasing the digital single “Cape” in October 2022.