Just seven months after their debut, The Wind, a rookie boy group, has announced the departure of their leader Shin Jaewon. On December 6, With US Entertainment, the agency overseeing The Wind, revealed that Shin Jaewon would be leaving the group due to personal circumstances. Consequently, The Wind, who officially debuted in May, will also continue their journey as a six-member group.

With US Entertainment Confirms Shin Jaewon’s Departure From The Wind

With US Entertainment officially announced the news in a statement. It also included an apology to fans who were shocked by the sudden departure of The Wind’s leader.

“Due to personal circumstances, The Wind member Shin Jaewon will be leaving the group as of December 6, 2023,” the statement read. “As a result, we are informing you that The Wind will be carrying out their future scheduled activities as a six-member group.”

“We promise to do our utmost and work our hardest to give The Wind’s activities our unsparing support as they make a new start,” it continued. “We ask that you give your unchanging love and warm support to the six members of The Wind who will continue to grow and walk towards their dreams.”

The Wind is signed under With Us Entertainment, a subsidiary of Around Us Entertainment. The current lineup consists of members Thanatorn, Park Hayuchan, Kim Heesoo, Choi Hanbin, An Chanwon, and Jang Hyounjoon. They made their debut with the mini album ‘Beginning: The Wind Page’ and the title track “ISLAND” on May 15, 2023. Prior to their official debut, the group also released a pre-debut single titled ‘Sirius’ on April 23, 2023.

The departure of Shin Jaewon emphasizes the dynamic nature of K-pop groups and the challenges they may face. The remaining members of The Wind will also continue their activities as a six-member ensemble, and fans will likely be watching eagerly to see how the group evolves in the future.