Dongheon of VERIVERY has formally disclosed his impending military enlistment date.

Jellyfish Entertainment, on August 23, conveyed an official statement via VERIVERY’s official fan cafe, confirming that Dongheon will embark on his military service in the upcoming week.

Dongheon plans to fulfill his military duty as an active duty soldier after receiving basic military training at the training center on August 28,” the agency wrote. “In respect of the artist’s wishes to enlist quietly, the enlistment location and time will be kept private, and there will be no other formal procedure. We ask for your generous support and encouragement for Dongheon, who will return in good health after fulfilling his military duties.”

VERRER React to Dongheon’s Enlistment Plans

Not surprisingly, fans were sad to know that Dongheon will be enlisting soon. However, most were understandably prepared for the news. After all, Jellyfish Entertainment had already confirmed that the VERIVERY leader is planning to enlist this year. Nevertheless, everyone is already hoping he will stay happy and healthy.

Dongheon will be the first member of VERIVERY to enlist for mandatory military service. He is the eldest member of the group and is already expected to enlist this year. Other members Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung and Kangmin are not yet due for enlistment.

Lee Dong Heon assumes the pivotal role of leader and main rapper of the group. His journey to debut with the group was marked by five years of dedicated training, culminating in their January 2019 debut. VERIVERY made their debut with the EP ‘Veri-Us,’ featuring the standout single “Ring Ring Ring.” Soon, the group took creative reins into their own hands, producing their music video for the track. Today, VERIVERY stands as a self-producing entity.

In 2020, the group participated in Mnet‘s reality competition, “Road to Kingdom,” where they left an indelible mark. Morever, their song “Beautiful-X” was unveiled for the show’s grand finale. It then secured them a commendable fifth-place finish in the overall rankings.