TXT’s Yeonjun, BOYNEXTDOOR’s Woonhak, and actress Park Ji Hu have stepped down from their roles as MCs of SBS’s Inkigayo. Yeonjun started hosting the show in April 2022, followed by Park Ji Hu and Woonhak in July 2023. Although their time on the show has come to an end, fans will still see them as they return to their main careers, where they will continue to engage with fans in their respective fields.

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Yeonjun opens up about ‘Inkigayo’

When he got back to TXT’s dorm after the broadcast, Yeonjun went live on Weverse to talk about the show. He revealed that he was able to take home some very special souvenirs: “Inkigayo gave me a few things—this picture, the sign I held up, and my last cue card. I cried so much today, so my eyes are really puffy right now. I’m just so grateful.”

The connection he felt with the show was deep and meaningful. “I can’t imagine my Sundays without Inkigayo. Inkigayo is actually a job, right? But from the day I started, I never thought of it as work. I always felt like, ‘I’m going for a healing time, I’m going to have fun,’” Yeonjun shared.

He reflected on his experiences and the bonds he formed with his colleagues. “The staff were all really kind. The MCs that I did Inkigayo with now and in the past…I was able to meet really good people and find really good relationships within them. I actually missed a lot of Inkigayo episodes because of our tour, right? I always felt really bad and sorry about it. But they never made me feel anything, and they were so kind every time I’d come back. I felt really bad because I felt like I couldn’t be that great of an MC, but the staff always made me feel so great, and they always said to me, ‘You’re the best MC.’ So, I felt really grateful; they were always kind to me even though I was lacking.”

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Forever son

The emotional weight of his farewell was evident as Yeonjun discussed how he managed his feelings during his final hours on the show. “All the MCs were trying their best to be hyped today, even though we were all teary-eyed. When I went on stage for the performance, I was feeling teary-eyed again, so I was dancing with tears in my eyes. I just had tears in my eyes the whole time,” he admitted.

“Even on my way back, I kept thinking about it and holding in my tears. I didn’t even look at my phone on purpose. I was just zoned out and thinking about things. I cried so much today, my eyes hurt now,” Yeonjun continued. “I guess I still have a lot of lingering feelings from it. I was an MC for 2 years. I guess I felt very strongly about it. It was very special to me. Although I’m very sad about it, and I will miss it, I think it ended very beautifully. All the Inkigayo staff members, when I was crying, they were crying too, and they kept telling me, ‘It’s not the end, this is just a new beginning.’”

Finally, he said, “I miss it already. I already miss you, Inkigayo. I’m Inkigayo’s forever son.’”

Who will replace them?

Following their departure, the Inkigayo stage is set to welcome new hosts: IVE’s Leeseo, ZEROBASEONE’s Han Yu Jin, and actor Moon Sung Hyun, who are expected to bring fresh charisma to the beloved music show. Ahead of their first episode, BOYNEXTDOOR’s Sungho, Taesan, and Woonhak will take the stage for the April 21 broadcast as special MCs. 

Inkigayo airs every Sunday at 3:20 PM KST. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Yeonjun’s bandmates Hueningkai and Soobin looked on as he bid the show goodbye. Source: YouTube/@lvlyminmin.