The atmosphere on the second day of KCON LA was electric. Amidst the roaring crowd, a particular moment stood out. It wasn’t just about ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) performing in the U.S. for the first time. Instead, the spotlight momentarily shifted to a fan who, at the end of a collaborative stage with ZB1, struck a pose that has become iconic. With a hand on the waist, a tilt of the head, and a confident smirk, they paid homage to a dance that earned ZEROBASEONE‘s leader, Sung Hanbin, the nickname “mother.”

This pose goes back to when the members of ZEROBASEONE were contestants on Mnet’s survival show Boys Planet. A pre-debut video of Hanbin dancing to RuPaul’s “Call Me Mother” in 2020 went viral. His waacking dance style led fans worldwide to recreate the now-famous “mother” pose.

The day after their KCON performance, the members of ZEROBASEONE couldn’t help but chuckle when Cosmopolitan U.S. asked about the fan’s pose during an exclusive interview. Hanbin expressed pride in his past performances, saying, “I think it proves I did my best, and I was working hard to get to where I am.”

ZEROBASEONE, fifth-gen leaders

In a short span since their debut on July 10, ZEROBASEONE ascended to the pinnacle of K-pop. Their debut album Youth in the Shade made history by selling over a million copies in a single day. Their rapid rise to fame has positioned them as leaders of the fifth generation of K-pop artists.


The group’s journey has been marked by a lot of milestones. From their first fanmeeting in Seoul’s Gocheok Sky Dome stadium to their debut U.S. performance at KCON LA, they’ve made significant strides. When asked about their achievements, Ricky told Cosmopolitan U.S. that the week of their KCON performance turned out to be one of the group’s biggest and busiest weeks. “For this week we prepared for a long time. And the schedule is busy but there are many ZEROSE waiting for the events, so that’s why we can go through this visit with their love and support.”

Seok Matthew said their event at the Gocheok Sky Dome was one for the books. “Going to Gocheok Sky Dome or going here and performing, we never really thought we’d ever do this. But being able to, it’s an unforgettable moment. After finishing the stage we’d be like, I can’t believe we just did that. Thinking about it now, I think I can remember every detail of the Gocheok Dome experience. Because of ZEROSE, everything is everlasting.”

A new precious memory

On their U.S. visit, Zhang Hao expressed excitement and curiosity about connecting with L.A. fans and experiencing the city’s iconic landmarks, like the Hollywood sign. “It’s our first time except for Ricky to be in LA, so we were excited. But one thing I was curious about is that with LA ZEROSE, we were wondering whether the experience on the stage would be different. How would they react? Because we have different cultures and the way they show love would be different, we were curious about that. We were excited to build new memories and happiness with our fans. And one thing that got me really excited is that from our hotel window, you can see the Hollywood sign. That’s a really special experience because we’ve only seen that in movies. And it’s an experience that we could only have because we are now ZB1.”


ZEROBASEONE (제로베이스원) ‘s 1min. ⏱💚 | KCON LA 2023

The group also touched upon their Dream Stage performance, where they danced with fans who had auditioned. “We performed ‘Here I Am’ on the Dream Stage and it brought back memories that we went through on Boys Planet. Seeing our fans dancing to that song with us, that was very special,” Han Yujin said.

“We were very proud to see such good dancers. When we were dancing together we would make eye contact. Every time we saw them, they were smiling. I feel like we built a new precious memory with them being on the stage,” Kim Taerae added.

What’s next for ZEROBASEONE

Addressing their hectic schedule, Kim Gyuvin highlighted the importance of maintaining mental and physical health. “This is the first time that we went this far to another country. It was hard to get into this country’s time. My biorhythm was a little messy, with all the jet lag. I’m trying my best to overcome it by drinking water and trying to get as much sleep as possible and taking vitamins. So not only my mental health, I’m trying to really keep up my physical health as well at the same time.”

Full interview with ZEROBASEONE

As the interview ended, Hanbin shared the group’s goal of promoting in good health and cherishing every moment with the fans. “There’s a second album coming up, we are working hard for that. And for individual goals, we have different ones, but I think the common goal for the members would be to promote in healthy conditions. We’ve had a lot of great opportunities performing and interacting with fans. Every one of them is precious. I think it’s important to capture those moments and keep them inside of us.”

In other news, ZEROBASEONE recently dropped a teaser film for their new album, which is set to drop later this year. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Before their sit-down with Cosmopolitan US, ZEROBASEONE did a photoshoot for DAZED Korea. Source: Twitter/@DazedKorea.