ZEROBASEONE recently made their highly anticipated debut in Japan with the music video for “YURA YURA – Flower of Fate -.” Released on March 7, the video features the boys performing what has been described as the perfect serenade for spring. This release precedes their first Japanese single album, set to be released on March 20, and follows their triumphant win on Immortal Songs 2, where they paid tribute to TVXQ.


TVXQ has made a significant impact with their music in Japan, topping the Oricon charts and selling more CDs there than any other foreign act. Their 2013 Time Tour was a huge success, breaking attendance records for concerts by foreign singers in Japan until 2017. That year, TVXQ broke their own record with the Begin Again Tour. They were the first non-Japanese Asian artists to embark on a five-city dome tour in Japan. They were also the first international artists to headline a concert at Nissan Stadium. Their achievements have paved an inspirational path for ZEROBASEONE to follow.

The Immortal Songs 2 episode dedicated to TVXQ’s music achieved a nationwide viewership of 5.0%. It featured renditions of TVXQ’s hits by artists such as JD1, La Poem, Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi, KARDI, ONF, and ZEROBASEONE. The nine-member boy group performed “The Way U Are” with a sophisticated concept, showcasing cohesive dance routines and individual flair. Their performance earned praise from TVXQ’s Yunho, who said it reminded him of TVXQ’s early days.

ZEROBASEONE – The Way U Are [Immortal Songs 2]

ZEROBASEONE outperformed well-known artists

Having garnered more votes from the judging panel than JD1 and KARDI, ZEROBASEONE took home the win. TVXQ personally presented the trophy to ZEROBASEONE, who were visibly overjoyed and honored by the gesture.

Online, many fans congratulated the boys. Winning Immortal Songs 2 is a significant achievement, coveted by many artists. ZEROBASEONE, only eight months into their career, won the show on their first attempt. The fact that they outperformed several well-known artists made their victory even more remarkable.

With two albums selling over 2 million copies each and a rookie grand slam under their belt, ZEROBASEONE is quickly establishing itself as a leading fifth-generation K-pop group. Their recent success on Immortal Songs 2 enhances their growing reputation and sets the stage for a promising promotional period in Japan. Many hope this will mirror the illustrious career of TVXQ. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: If you haven’t listened to their new Japanese single or watched the video of their ‘Immortal Songs 2’ performance, you’re missing half your life. Source: X/@ZB1_jp.