Ahead of its highly anticipated debut, BABYMONSTER has undergone a change in its lineup, with trainee Ahyeon departing the group. 

On Wednesday, YG Entertainment announced that Ahyeon would no longer debut with upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER due to health reasons

According to the agency, they’ve decided to let Ahyeon “focus on getting rest for the time being due to health reasons.” Moreover, they added that the decision was made for the sake of the artist’s health. Additionally, they promised that they will prioritize Ahyeon’s recovery so that she’ll return to good health. 

Prior to YG Entertainment’s announcement,  some fans had long speculated about Ahyeon’s absence from BABYMONTER’s activities, noting that it might be the reason why there’s a delay in the group’s debut. 

Several eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that Ahyeon has been missing from the group’s social media content with her last video posted in July.

On top of that, the  group was also seen attending BLACKPINK’s Born Pink finale concert in Seoul, but only six members were present. Based on the photos circulating online, Ahyeon wasn’t in attendance.

As of writing, Ahyeon has yet to address her departure from the group. 

How will BABYMONSTER go from here? 

Following Ahyeon’s departure, YG Entertainment confirms that BABYMONSTER will debut with six members: Ruka, Pharita, Asa, Haram, Rora, and Chiquita

On November 10, YG Entertainment released a teaser for the group’s debut slated for November 27. Since then, the agency has started releasing individual teasers for the members. However, further details about the group’s release are yet to be disclosed. 


Ahead of the group’s official debut, BABYMONSTER has already built a substantial social media following, boasting 3.4 million Instagram followers and 3.1 million YouTube subscribers. 

Moreover, the debut of BABYMONSTER holds significance for YG Entertainment, considering the departure of several artists between 2022 and 2023. Notably, BABYMONSTER also marks YG Entertainment’s first girl group since the debut of BLACKPINK in 2016.


The journey to BABYMONSTER’s debut was documented through the reality show Last Evaluation, which was launched in March. Originally intended to consist of five members, overwhelming demand from viewers led to the inclusion of all seven members in the final lineup. 

In May, they released their pre-debut song, “DREAM,” generating excitement among fans. 

Featured image: Ahyeon in her teaser for Last Evaluation. Credit: Website/YG Life