Hyungwon of K-pop group MONSTA X  has officially embarked on his military service on Tuesday, November 14.  And several of his friends in the industry,  including EXO’s Xiumin and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, showed their support for him. 

Prior to his enlistment, Hyungwon has been updating his fans about his preparation. For instance, he revealed that it was co-member Shownu who shaved his head. Moreover, he also shared photos of him sporting his new buzz cut on his Instagram, jesting that his hair now dries in only three seconds. 

On the day of his enlistment, the idol was sent off by fellow MONSTA X member Shownu and I.M, alongside Hyungwon’s CEO-dol Mart co-stars EXO’s Xiumin, Choi Won Myeong, and Lee Sae On. 

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, who was in Paris at the time, also sent his well wishes for Hyungwon’s enlistment. During a Weverse live show, he revealed that he asked the MONSTA X member to send him a photo of him in his new haircut. Initially, Hyungwon sent Jeonghan a photo that he already uploaded on his Instagram. But Jeonghan requested a new set of photos, leading him to use one of them as his wallpaper. 

These interactions delighted fans a lot as it reflects the close friendship that Hyungwon has with other idols. Notably, both EXO’s Xiumin and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan have also appeared in the web variety series Mr. Chae the Castaway sas guests. 

Hyungwon begins his military service

After completing his basic training, the MONSTA X member will serve as an active duty soldier. 

In a series of posts, Hyungwon sent several messages to his fans, expressing his commitment to complete military service in good health. “As always, I’ll work hard and stay healthy. I’ll do well and when I return, I’ll be strong and reliable enough to block the wind easily. Let’s greet each other warmly when that time comes,” he said. 

On the idol’s behalf, agency Starship Entertainment also left a message for fans of MONSTA X: “Please look forward to the cool return of MONSTA X [as a group] when I come back.” In the statement, Hyungwon also promised that he will show a “more mature side” of him once all members of MONSTA X gathered again. 

Notably, Hyungwon is the fifth member of MONSTA X to enlist, following Shownu, Minhyuk, Joohoney, and Kihyun. Only their youngest member, I.M has yet to enlist in the military. 

Featured image: MONSTA X members and CEO-dol Mart co-stars show support for Hyungwon’s enlistment. Credit: Twitter/MONSTA X