Jongho of K-pop boy group ATEEZ will be temporarily taking a break from group activities due to health concerns. 

KQ Entertainment announced on Monday, August 21, that the idol experienced “extreme pain” in his leg after the group’s performance at the KCON LA 2023 event. 

Following this, the agency said that they’ve decided to suspend Jongho’s scheduled activities. Moreover, they also updated fans that the artist will be returning early to South Korea to “conduct a thorough examination and treatment by experts.”


While KQ Entertainment didn’t detail what caused Jongho’s leg pains, they mentioned that the idol has been previously diagnosed with a “meniscus rupture” after his last ankle injury. 

“But because of his strong will to be on stage, he focused on conservative treatment and recovery,” the agency explained. Note that it was in August 2021 when the agency first revealed that Jongho was diagnosed with a minor knee cartilage injury. 

Additionally, KQ Entertainment assured fans that they will provide updates and additional information about Jongho’s medical test results. 

“We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the sudden news, and we will do our best to ensure Jongho’s speedy recovery,” the agency. 

ATINYs’ concern for Jongho 

Following the announcement, fans quickly took to social media to wish for speedy recovery for Jongho. Many of them left their messages through the hashtag “Get well soon Jongho.”


What makes fans even more worried is that this isn’t the first time that Jongho has been injured. In February 2020, he was also diagnosed with a fracture on his left leg. At the time, the doctor required him three to four months of recovery. 

On top of that, another ATEEZ member, Wooyoung, also had to take a temporary hiatus in May due to an ankle injury. He missed THE DANCE DAY LIVE 2023 and KCON 2023 JAPAN events but has now returned to activities. 

After KCON LA 2023, ATEEZ, sans Jongho, will go to Mexico for the Latin American leg of their THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL world tour. 

Composed of eight members, ATEEZ made their debut in October 2018. The group released their latest album THE WORLD EP 2: OUTLAW in June. 

Featured image: ATEEZ’ Jongho in teasers for ‘THE WORLD EP 2: OUTLAW’ album. Credit: Facebook/ATEEZ