K-pop soloist and ex-IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon recently shed light on an unexpected expense she bore for a recent festival in Tokyo, Japan. In a candid moment on her fan community platform, Chaeyeon shared that she personally financed her hair and makeup artists for the event.

The festival, titled RBW 2023 Summer Fes – Over The Rainbow, was scheduled for August 19 to 20. Chaeyeon‘s participation was highly anticipated, given her prominent status in the K-pop industry. However, her recent messages on Bubble painted a picture of frustration and disappointment with RBW, the parent company of her agency WM Entertainment.

이채연 Lee Chaeyeon “KNOCK” Japan RBW 2023 SUMMER FES 콘서트 チェヨン 190823

In her messages, Chaeyeon said, “You know, I really put up with everything else? But right now, I’m so angry I’m writing this and deleting it and writing it again. This RBW Japan concert, I really wish that they would be a little more considerate toward the staff who are managing and helping out.”

Chaeyeon‘s commitment to her performance was evident in her desire to look good while onstage. She continued, “It’s been a burden on my chest. I wanted to look nice on stage, so I personally paid to have my hair and makeup staff fly to Japan with me.” The “Knock Knock” hitmaker’s revelation underscores the lengths artists sometimes go to ensure they can be at their best, even if it means bearing unexpected costs.

Chaeyeon performed alongside other artists

Fans weren’t amused by RBW’s treatment of Chaeyeon.

Chaeyeon’s unexpected expense aside, the event went well. The festival also featured performances from other K-pop acts, including MAMAMOO, Oh My Girl, ONEUS, and Purple Kiss. Chaeyeon‘s revelation cast a shadow over the event, raising questions about the resources and support provided to artists.

[BEHIND]🌈RBW 2023 SUMMER FES:Over the Rainbow 🌈|RBW 패밀리 콘서트 비하인드

While the RBW 2023 Summer Fes promised a weekend of stellar performances from various K-pop artists, Chaeyeon‘s revelation serves as a reminder of the challenges they face behind the scenes. 

As fans enjoy the dancing and singing, it’s essential to appreciate and recognize the dedication and sacrifices made by these talented individuals. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: It was a worthwhile expense on Chaeyeon’s part, because she looked stunning. But the point is, she shouldn’t have had to do it. Source: Twitter/@official_LCY.