BamBam has once again taken the lead in dropping spoilers about GOT7’s future plans. Amazingly, the “Ribbon” singer revealed that they are preparing for a full group comeback, but one member isn’t very happy about the spoiler!

BamBam Teases GOT7 Full Group Comeback

Despite previously sharing pivotal information about GOT7’s comeback and departure from JYP Entertainment, BamBam continues to keep fans on the edge of their seats. In a recent tweet, BamBam hinted at yet another revelation, this time about Jay B, the leader of GOT7. While not explicitly mentioning Jay B, BamBam expressed his reluctance to share a spoiler, indicating that the leader might not be pleased. The tweet sparked curiosity and excitement among fans, eager to uncover what BamBam had in store for them.

In a humorous twist, BamBam requested that Jay B not be tagged in the comments. However, fans couldn’t resist tagging the leader, leading to a playful interaction between the two members. Jay B promptly apologized for the spoiler, and BamBam responded with a GIF, humorously portraying himself running away from the situation.

Continuing the light-hearted banter, BamBam shared another GIF representing his escape from Jay B’s potential disapproval. Playfully questioning fans about why they “snitched” on him, BamBam engaged in a comical exchange with Ahgases, the devoted fanbase of GOT7.

When Is GOT7’s Next Comeback?

The climax of the interaction came when an Ahgase asked BamBam to whisper the spoiler to them. With a touch of theatrical flair, BamBam finally spilled the beans, revealing that GOT7 is set to make their full group comeback in 2025. Embracing the playful spirit of the moment, BamBam jokingly stated that until then, he would have to hide in the United States.

As BamBam gears up for the U.S. leg of his world tour, and Jay B fulfills his mandatory military service in South Korea, the dynamic between the members continues to captivate fans. The light-hearted and humorous approach to sharing spoilers not only builds anticipation for GOT7’s future endeavors but also strengthens the bond between the group and their dedicated fanbase. With BamBam at the forefront of these entertaining revelations, the excitement surrounding GOT7’s full group comeback in 2025 has reached new heights.