BIBI might be closer to some BTS members than initially expected. The “Animal Farm” singer revealed she has the personal numbers of RM and Jungkook. Hilariously, she then asked the idols’ fans not to be angry with her for having the contact.

BIBI Admits Having RM and Jungkook’s Contact Numbers on Her Phone

In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, singer BIBI gave fans a glimpse into her phone and shared details about her contacts, revealing that she has the numbers of BTS members RM and Jungkook.

When asked about the most famous person in her contacts, BIBI mentioned RM, but she hesitated, indicating that they might not be that close, and humorously added, “We’re not that close,” while expressing uncertainty about whether RM still uses the same number.

BIBI then disclosed that she also has Jungkook’s contact, another BTS member, in her phone. However, she playfully insisted that she is not close with either of them, addressing ARMY (BTS’s fanbase) and jokingly saying, “ARMY, don’t come for me.” She quickly clarified herself, stating that she didn’t want any haters and expressing her love for ARMY.

The revelation of having RM and Jungkook’s contacts sparked interest and excitement among fans. However, some ARMY members expressed their frustration playfully, pointing out that BIBI has had the members’ contact information all this time, yet there hasn’t been any indication of a collaboration song. The desire for collaborations between popular artists is common among fans, and the playful complaints from ARMYs reflected their anticipation for such a collaboration.

BTS, including RM and Jungkook, is currently serving in the military. Despite the physical distance and their busy schedules, fans are always hopeful for future collaborations that could bring together diverse talents within the music industry. BIBI’s candid revelation about having BTS members’ contacts added a lighthearted moment to the interview, showcasing the friendly dynamics between artists within the industry.