BIGHIT Music is taking extra steps to protect its artists. The agency has issued a notice informing the public about legal actions they are taking to protect BTS. It’s a strict new policy that would probably shock anyone. However, BTS fans are praising BIGHIT for doing what is necessary to keep their idols safe.

BIGHIT Music Takes Legal Action To Protect BTS

On September 27, BIGHIT MUSIC issued an official statement, making it abundantly clear that they are taking robust legal measures against individuals who have committed various malicious online activities directed at BTS. These actions range from defamation and sexual harassment to disseminating false information and posting hate comments. The label has made it unequivocal that they will not tolerate any violations of the group’s artistic and personal rights.

The notice further mentioned a specific individual who had been persistently engaging in posting violent and highly abusive comments across multiple platforms. In response, BIGHIT MUSIC has compiled substantial evidence and initiated a criminal complaint against this person. This bold stance by the label underscores their unwavering commitment to protecting their artists and pursuing justice in the face of online harassment.

BIGHIT Music Extends Its Protection to BTS Members’ Family

In addition to online harassment, the label has been resolute in addressing physical stalking as well. The notice revealed that some individuals have repeatedly sent mail and packages to the artists’ residences, even causing harm to their families. In response, BIGHIT MUSIC has taken legal action, filing criminal complaints based on the Act on Punishment of Crime of Stalking. Notably, they have successfully secured an interim restraining order as the prosecution continues its investigation into these charges.

BTS fans, known as ARMYs, have expressed their appreciation for BIGHIT MUSIC’s unwavering efforts to safeguard the group from online harassment and stalking. They also recognize that stalking is not always viewed as a severe crime under South Korean law and believe that these stern actions will serve as a deterrent to potential offenders, thereby contributing to the safety and well-being of the artists they admire.

Although the new policy is certainly strict, BTS fans are happy to know that their idols will no longer have to deal with harassment and abuse. With that in mind, BIGHIT Music is doing the right thing to protect its artists.