The official Microsoft Windows Twitter account has shown its love for BTS‘s Jin, just like fans all over the world. When a fan brought up a memory of Jin putting Windows on his MacBook to play a game called MapleStory, the Windows account responded warmly with “aw what memories.” This shows how Jin‘s actions can create a bond between him and a big company like Windows.


Fans were curious about why Windows was showing Jin so much affection. The Windows account replied playfully, suggesting there was a good reason for their tweets, saying things like “not as random as you think?” and “you read our minds.” The conversation with fans included calling JinWorldwide Handsome,” a nickname he’s known by, and Windows happily agreed with it.


The exchange ended with Windows saying “once you’re J-in, there’s no going out,” a clever play on words using Jin‘s name. It means once you start liking Jin, you’ll always be a fan. The beer company Heineken also joined in the conversation, which shows that Jin‘s popularity reaches far and wide.

Jin is a beloved global icon

In other news, Jin‘s self-composed song “Super Tuna” has made a splash on Spotify with over 65 million streams. It has also become the first K-pop solo track to top YouTube’s music section for 16 consecutive days, surpassing PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” Released unexpectedly on Jin‘s birthday, the track and its accompanying dance challenge have since gone viral, with the performance video on BANGTANTV earning over 90 million views, signaling its leap from fan favorite to global hit.

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Adding to his achievements, Jin has been named Best Artist (Men) at the 2023 K-STAR Most Valuable Artist (MVA) Awards, an event celebrating K-pop artists with significant international impact. His victory sparked global celebrations among fans, further cementing his influence in the industry. Jin‘s popularity continues to soar even while he’s completing his military service, with fans eagerly awaiting his return to claim his physical award for this latest accolade.

Through his interactions with global brands, record-breaking solo tracks, and a trophy case that keeps growing, Jin‘s allure is undeniable. His ability to connect with fans on a personal level, while simultaneously capturing the attention of the world, cements his status as a beloved global icon. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Apparently no one, not even a major international brand like Microsoft Windows can resist Jin’s charms. Source: Weverse.