Jin might be busy with completing his military service right now but the BTS member still found time to defend his ‘World Wide Handsome’ title. The “Moon” singer recently reached out to Park Myung Soo to remind the comedian about his title.

Jin Got Sulky When Park Myung Soo ‘Forgot’ About Him Being ‘World Wide Handsome’

In the latest episode of Park Myung Soo‘s web series “Halmyungsoo”, the comedian shared the recent text messages from Jin. In the messages, the BTS member was troubled because of something Park had said in another episode.

“I got a text message from Jin. ‘Hyung-nim, I’m disappointed,’” Park revealed while having a meal. He further explained that the BTS member had seen one of his segments where he chose the most good-looking celebrity in real life. The comedian had chosen someone other than Jin, which greatly troubled the idol.

“Jin watched my show. When I was asked who’s the most good-looking celebrity I’ve seen in person, I didn’t say it was him. So I think he got sulky,” Park said.

“I sent a long message saying I was sorry,” he continued. “He said, ‘Hyung-nim, when I get discharged, I will absolutely appear on your show again.’

The comedian added that he was grateful that Jin contacted him even while serving in the military. Park further explained why he didn’t choose the original ‘World Wide Handsome’ during the segment.

“To be honest, of course, Jin is good-looking. Out-of-this-world [handsomeness] wasn’t included. Why are you sulking? Don’t be like that,” he said.

Jin is currently on mandatory military service. He enlisted as an active-duty soldier on December 13, 2022. Before his enlistment, Kim Seokjin released his debut solo single “The Astronaut”. The song, which he co-wrote with the British rock band Coldplay, was dropped on October 28, 2022. Jin is set to be discharged from military service on June 12, 2024.