BTS’s Jin has earned another new badge while serving in the South Korean military. As of this writing, he has several badges to his name, each a testament to his commendable performance as a soldier. His badges are proof of the significant contributions he has made to his unit since he enlisted almost two years ago. Jin began his military service on December 13, 2022, at a front-line boot camp located near South Korea’s border with North Korea. He’s currently with the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Fans found out about Jin’s new badge thanks to Park Rokdam, head of the Korean Traditional Liquor Research Institute. Rokdam took to Facebook to share a photo of the K-pop superstar brewing traditional Korean liquor while wearing his uniform. Jin’s “Worldwide Handsome” features, combined with the intense aura he radiated while concentrating on the task, sparked enthusiastic reactions on social media.


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The badges on Jin’s uniform include the following. First, he has the daehanminguk yuk-gun or 대한민국 육군 (Republic of Korea Army) badge, which signifies that he’s serving in the military. Next, he wears the jo-gyo or 조교 (Assistant Drill Instructor) badge, which reflects his role in training new recruits. He also earned the teukgeup jeonsa or 특급전사 (Special Warrior) badge after proving his exceptional combat and physical prowess. Lastly, the byeongjang or 병장 (Sergeant) badge refers to Jin’s rank as a senior non-commissioned officer.

His newest badge appears to be a division-specific award recognizing his exemplary performance as an Assistant Drill Instructor. Although the exact details of the badge’s significance are unavailable as of this writing, ARMYs couldn’t contain their enthusiasm and pride upon learning of Jin’s latest achievement.

[CHOREOGRAPHY] Jin of BTS ‘슈퍼 참치’ Special Performance Video

Jin continues to make his presence felt

Even while serving in the military, Jin continues to make his presence felt in the music scene. 

His self-composed solo track “Super Tuna” has made significant waves in the music world, amassing over 108.5 million streams on Spotify as of 4:00 PM on May 16. Originally available only on SoundCloud and YouTube, the track was officially released across all streaming platforms in October 2022. It went to No. 1 in 54 countries, with the latest being Azerbaijan in January. The “Super Tuna” special performance video broke records by topping YouTube’s popular music videos chart for 16 straight days, breaking Psy’s record. To date, it has garnered 95 million views on YouTube.

Abyss by Jin

Meanwhile, “Abyss,” which he composed and released in 2020, secured the number one spot on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 26 countries, including Azerbaijan, the Dominican Republic, Latvia, Micronesia, and Portugal.

Jin will reportedly release new material after his discharge from the South Korean military on June 14. He will be followed by j-hope on October 17, SUGA on June 21, 2025, RM and V on June 8, 2025, and Jimin and Jungkook on June 9, 2025. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: As an idol, Jin collected awards; as a soldier, he’s collecting badges. Way to go, Jin! Source: X/@Earmy_Spain.