Earlier this month, Kim Taehyung, aka BTS’s V, completed the second half of his military training at the Army Administrative School. Prior to this, V had undergone basic training at the Nonsan Training Center on January 16, alongside BTS leader RM. Both were recognized as elite soldiers of their graduating batch for their exceptional performance.

After completing basic training, he took an intensive three-week course, which started on January 18. This course is for members of the Special Duty Team (SDT) of the Army’s Capital Defense Command. V’s training regimen included close-quarters combat, live ammunition firing at automatic targets, military police service, rappelling, and more. All these took place at the anti-terrorism training center.

After he finished his advanced training, V was assigned to the “Ssangyong Unit” in the 2nd Corps of the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army. The 2nd Corps is under the Ground Operations Command. V began his service in the military police special task force, directly overseen by the headquarters of the 2nd Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. For security reasons, detailed public information about the exact activities of this military unit is limited.

Newly minted military police officer V reporting for duty

V maintained a strong presence in K-pop

Even while serving in the military, V has managed to maintain a strong presence in the entertainment industry. For instance, he made a cameo appearance in IU‘s “Love Wins All” music video, where he demonstrated his acting prowess. Furthermore, his solo album Layover has seen remarkable success, amassing 1.115 billion streams on Spotify. 

This achievement doesn’t just highlight his musical talent. It also establishes Layover as the fastest Korean-language album to reach this milestone. It’s the second fastest among K-pop solo albums. The fact that the album amassed that many streams demonstrates his ability to influence the music scene while serving. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: V has become a full-fledged member of the SDT, like he wanted. Source: YouTube/@KOREANOWyna.