On the second day of the Lunisolar calendar, which marks the celebration of the Lunar New Year or Seollal in South Korea, BTS leader RM conveyed his heartfelt greetings to fans worldwide through the global fandom platform Weverse.

Kim Namjoon’s Hopeful Letter to Fans for Lunar New Year

In his thoughtful letter, RM expressed warm wishes for the auspicious occasion of Seollal, a significant cultural festival celebrated with family gatherings, traditional foods, and ancestral rites. His message reflected the spirit of unity and joy associated with the holiday, resonating with fans who cherish both BTS’s music and cultural traditions.

“Since joining the troop I belong to, I have been spending my time adjusting well to it.
I also ate rice cake soup.
Since it’s New Year’s Day, I’m taking a break and having a good time.

“Though I have to spend another New Year’s Day before I can meet you all,
I’ll do my best in this time.
I believe it will be another place of learning and experience.

“Stay healthy anytime, anywhere.
I hope there are way more good things than bad things too.

“My hope is for our fate to continue.”

Additionally, RM provided updates on his recent activities and whereabouts, offering fans a glimpse into his life during his military enlistment. Despite being away from the spotlight, RM’s dedication to maintaining connections with fans highlights the special bond between BTS and their ARMY, reinforcing their commitment to mutual support and appreciation.

RM’s letter also served as a reminder of his ongoing military service, which began on December 10, 2023. Despite his enlistment, RM’s outstanding performance during basic military training has garnered recognition, earning him the prestigious title of “Elite Trainee” within the “27th Recruit Training Regiment.” This acknowledgment reflects RM’s dedication and discipline, qualities that have endeared him to fans worldwide beyond his role as a musician.

Overall, RM’s heartfelt greetings and updates on Seollal provided fans with a moment of joy and connection during the festive season, while also showcasing his continued commitment to both his military duties and his role as a beloved member of BTS.