A BTS stalker took things a little too far and immediately learned the consequences of their actions. The woman has reportedly been arrested for stalking BTS member V in his private residence. Nevertheless, Kim Taehyung remains cheerful, assuring ARMYs with wholesome posts.

BTS Stalker Arrested for Trying to Invade V’s Privacy

Seoul’s Gangnam Police have taken action regarding a disturbing incident of stalking involving BTS’s V. Reports from October 27 reveal that a woman in her 30s is under investigation for stalking the renowned K-pop artist.

The incident unfolded when the woman allegedly followed V into an elevator at his place of residence. Shockingly, it is reported that she had been waiting for V in the parking lot of his residence and subsequently pursued him into the building. The unsettling episode concluded with the woman fleeing the scene. However, she left behind a rather concerning piece of evidence – a marriage license application bearing her name.

Since the incident, BIGHIT Music confirmed the news and assured ARMYs that actions will be taken against the stalker.

“In response to stalking crimes which threaten the safety of our artists and intrude on their privacy, we are exercising a zero tolerance rule,” the statement read.

The distressing news has understandably sent shockwaves through the global BTS fan community, prompting fans to express their deep concerns and frustrations on social media platforms.

BTS V Breaks Silence Since Stalker Incident

In response to the incident, V took it upon himself to provide assurance to his devoted fans regarding his well-being. He shared updates on his current status and safety through both Weverse and Instagram, aiming to allay concerns and fears about the situation.

BIGHIT MUSIC previously issued an official statement, making it abundantly clear that they are taking robust legal measures against individuals who have committed various malicious online activities directed at BTS. These actions range from defamation, stalking, and sexual harassment to disseminating false information and posting hate comments. The label has made it unequivocal that they will not tolerate any violations of the group’s artistic and personal rights.