BTS member Kim Taehyung, aka V, impressed fans with his involvement in filming a commercial for Compose Coffee, a popular South Korean coffee brand. A behind-the-scenes video from their recent ad campaign revealed V’s active participation in the production process. He contributed to discussions about angles, shots, and other creative aspects. This demonstrated his influence on the overall direction of the shoot.

Fans got their first glimpse of the “Love Me Again” singer’s Compose Coffee campaign back in January. The ad, rich with references to films like Big Fish and The French Dispatch, reminded fans of V’s well-known fondness for European romantic comedies. This led to speculation that he might have suggested incorporating those elements into the campaign.

The ad’s fusion of cinematic visuals and Compose Coffee’s signature color palette was well-received. In an Instagram post, V acknowledged the director he worked with, Yu Kwang-goeng. The BTS member expressed gratitude to the director for allowing V to contribute his ideas to the ad and bringing them to fruition.

컴포즈커피 V 메이킹필름

Fans praised the BTS member

When fans found out about V’s active participation in the shoot, they wasted no time in praising not just his dedication, but his attention to detail as well. They admired the fact that V demonstrated an ability to contribute significantly to creative projects that go beyond music. For ARMYs, that means V can succeed in whatever he does, regardless of whether he’s an idol or not.

V’s relationship with Compose Coffee began in December 2023, when he was named the new face of the brand. Their partnership has been a resounding success, with the musician reportedly earning over 4.6 million USD for his role in the brand’s ad campaigns. His involvement led to a significant boost for Compose Coffee, which attracted over 2.6 million new users to its app. The brand also introduced coffee cup sleeves adorned with V’s image, which propelled the brand to the No. 1 spot on Baemin, South Korea’s largest delivery service.

Although they’re currently completing their military service, the BTS members, including V, continue to influence popular culture. Fans are eagerly anticipating their return as a complete group in June 2025, looking forward to more projects from the superstar septet that will showcase their creativity. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: V’s not just good in front of the camera, he’s dynamite behind it too. Source: YouTube/@composecoffee.official.