Since he became its endorser, BTS’s V has played a major part in helping Compose Coffee reach new heights.

Established in Busan in 2014, Compose Coffee has rapidly expanded its presence, boasting over 2,400 locations throughout South Korea, with a significant concentration in Seoul and Busan. In May 2023, the 2023 Korea’s Most Loved Brand Awards recognized Compose Coffee as the country’s favorite coffee shop. That event was run by Forbes Korea and sponsored by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.


Compose Coffee, South Korea’s leading coffee retailer, has launched a new marketing campaign featuring global star Taehyung as their brand model. Posters showcasing Taehyung are now on display across Compose Coffee’s extensive network of 2,400 franchise locations nationwide. In the Korean market, only the most prominent celebrities are chosen to represent major coffee brands. Taehyung’s appointment demonstrates his wide appeal and commercial power within the industry. #foryoupage #fyp #kpop #BTSV #bts #taehyung #V #kimtaehyung #armybts #Taehyung #composecoffee #coffee #southkorea

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Positioned as the fourth-largest coffee chain in South Korea, Compose Coffee trails behind giants like Paris Baguette, Mega Coffee, and Ediya Coffee—but not for long. The brand plans to expand domestically and internationally. The South Korean coffee market is ripe for growth, and Compose Coffee is eager to seize opportunities to cement its presence. That’s where BTS’s V came in.

 The day he became an endorser in December 2023 marked a pivotal moment for the brand. Posters featuring the pop icon’s handsome face quickly went up in stores nationwide, signaling the start of a fruitful collaboration. A Compose Coffee representative expressed excitement about the partnership. “We’re delighted to collaborate with a global artist who is loved worldwide regardless of gender or age. Through synergy with the 21st-century pop icon, BTS’s V, Compose Coffee anticipates even greater growth next year. This collaboration marks a significant step forward.”

V is a Composer, eVeryone is a Composer

Compose Coffee launched a successful campaign

The first advertisement video featuring V, titled “V is a composer, eVeryone is a composer,” was released on the brand’s official YouTube channel on January 15. The ad, which drew inspiration from films like The French Dispatch and Big Fish, quickly captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide. It was also revealed that the “Slow Dancing” singer contributed some ideas to the making of the video, showcasing his creative side.

The impact of V’s endorsement on Compose Coffee has been nothing short of remarkable. K-media recently reported that the brand surpassed 10 million cumulative subscribers on its app. Before V became the face of the brand, it had less than 9.3 million. By January 1, this figure surged to nearly 12 million. This surge marked an increase of 2.6 million users in just 10 days. Compose Coffee has also become more popular among the youth.


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Earlier this month, Compose Coffee unveiled customized cup sleeves featuring photos of V. They propelled the brand to the No. 1 spot on Baemin, South Korea’s largest delivery service. Korean fans were able to get them, while international fans have been encouraging the brand to expand its presence globally to offer products associated with V.

In other news, V is set to join the second Army Corps in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, after finishing a three-week intensive training course with the Special Duty Team of the Capital Defense Command. Despite his enlistment, V‘s star power remains undiminished, as evidenced by the successful campaign launched by Compose Coffee. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: The brand received a boost in popularity when V came on board. Sources: X/@BTSDailyInfo_Up, YouTube/@composecoffee.official.