The BTS members have always delivered electrifying performances, and SUGA‘s D-DAY shows in Seoul stand as proof. Jimin and Jungkook joined SUGA onstage at the KSPO Dome, filling the first two nights of the tour’s final leg with captivating moments for fans.

Jungkook graced the stage on the opening night, collaborating with SUGA on “Burn It.” Before his second song, he engaged with the audience, expressing, “Hello, everyone! I’m here at SUGA-hyung’s encore concert to celebrate with him. ARMY, your voices are amazing! Thank you for supporting him. I wish I could stay longer, but I’ll leave you with one more song. Thank you, everyone.” He then sang “SEVEN” backed by some dancers, including James, one of BigHit Music’s more well-known trainees.

However, a candid Jungkook went on Weverse Live after the concert, addressing a slip-up during “Burn It.” “I practiced the song many times and still made a mistake,” he lamented. 

“While performing ‘SEVEN,’ I took out my in-ear because I couldn’t hear the music. I couldn’t tell if the note was flat or sharp because my microphone was so loud. All I heard were the drums,” he said. But performing in front of ARMY felt so good, even if it was short-lived. Ah, I want to do a concert too.”

Reflecting on his mistake with the lyrics, he wondered, “Can I perform it again tomorrow to make up for it? Should I ask for another chance? I’m free tomorrow. ARMY, please ask Yoongi-hyung if I can have another chance. Tell him that ‘Jungkook feels regretful.’ We’re friends, right?”

Jimin joined the D-DAY festivities too

Jimin made a dramatic entrance on the second night as the lights dimmed. He and SUGA performed “Tony Montana,” much to the crowd’s delight. Originally released in 2016 with Yankie’s voice, SUGA produced a new version that he and Jimin debuted at BTS’ third Muster later that year.

Their onstage chemistry was palpable, and the performance quickly became legendary among ARMY. SUGA, always in tune with the fans, often expressed his desire for a repeat performance. Following this, Jimin did his single, “Like Crazy.” SUGA let Jimin seamlessly transition into “Like Crazy” with no formal introduction.

The result? A performance that combined Jimin‘s vocal prowess, intricate dance sequences, and an aura that captivated the KSPO Dome. Fans’ enthusiasm continued online, with the keyword ‘JIMIN JIMIN’ garnering over a million mentions. Meanwhile, ‘TONY MONTANA’ ranked first in worldwide Twitter trends and second in the US. It also went to No. 1 in Korea. Other keywords, such as ‘LIKE CRAZY, ‘ PARK JIMIN,’ and ‘STAGE COMMANDER JIMIN,’ also trended.

“I’ve seen many concerts where people usually introduce the guest, but he just appeared. Ah, that’s Yoongi-hyung’s style,” Jimin said after SUGA left him alone on stage.

The first two nights of SUGA’s D-DAY concerts highlighted BTS‘ strong bond with each other and ARMY. From Jungkook‘s candid reflections after the first night to Jimin‘s dramatic entrance and legendary performance with SUGA on the second, the last leg of SUGA’s D-DAY tour captured the essence of BTS. Their performances resonated within the dome’s confines and echoed across the digital world, capturing hearts and setting trends. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Jimin and Jungkook jumped at the chance to join their SUGA-hyung on the last leg of his D-DAY world tour. Source: Twitter/@bts_bighit.