Lollapalooza, synonymous with music legends and iconic performances, witnessed a historic moment in 2023. TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) became the first K-pop group to headline the festival

TXT‘s relationship with Lollapalooza is marked by a rapid ascent. Their debut at last year’s festival was already groundbreaking. It made them the first Korean act to grace its stages. This year, they weren’t just participants; they were the main event. 

The Consequence reviewer captured this sentiment: “From a side stage to the main event, TXT‘s journey is a testament to their undeniable talent and the ever-growing appeal of K-pop.”

Thick with anticipation

The atmosphere at Chicago’s Grant Park was thick with anticipation. Hours before the gates even opened, a sea of fans, known as MOA, could be seen camping outside, some having spent the night to secure a prime spot. Their dedication was evident in the myriad of fan-made merchandise, banners, and glow sticks that shone brightly against the Chicago skyline. 

A dedicated fan named Gabrielle Dance braved the rain to line up outside Lollapalooza’s north gate at 9:30 AM, an hour and a half before the official opening time of 11:00 AM. Dance wasn’t alone in her enthusiasm; approximately 200 others did what she did, hoping to secure a coveted spot at the barricade for the evening’s main event: TXT’s performance.

Block Club Chicago talked to Dance. At 15, her excitement was palpable. Like many others, she had traveled from out of state, drawn to Lollapalooza by the pull of TXT. The significance of the event wasn’t lost on her.

Dance captured the sentiment of many international fans. “With K-pop groups based in Korea, we don’t get a lot of shows here except for, like, world tours. So I think for them to be doing festivals like this just brings more showcases for international fans.” Her words resonated with the diverse crowd, emphasizing the event’s significance as a testament to K-pop’s global appeal and reach.

The Lollapalooza 2023 performance

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Live at Lollapalooza 2023

TXT began their set with a fiery rendition of “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You),” followed by “Dear Sputnik.” The Consequence reviewer said of the opening, “And though the stage was bigger, and the distance between myself and them greater, the dancing looked even more incredible than I remembered. The quintet are all incredible athletes; it’s one thing to see someone jump in a music video, but it’s another thing to watch a normal-seeming person fly into the air. Usually, superhumans are found in movie theaters, not rhythmically levitating in the middle of Grant Park.

The members paused to introduce themselves. Hueningkai initiated a passionate round of barking, a K-pop tradition in the U.S. Overlooking the drenched audience, Yeonjun proclaimed, “The rain can’t stop us. Let’s f*****g enjoy it.” Despite the continuous drizzle, the crowd roared and channeled all its energy into cheering for TXT.

The setlist was a meticulously crafted portrayal of youth, highlighting its various aspects. “Devil By The Window” symbolized flirting with temptation, while “Good Boy Gone Bad” focused on the pain of a first breakup. The latter had an extended dance break, with Beomgyu setting a rose alight and casually tossing it over his shoulder.

The group also touched on the more cheerful aspects of youth. “Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go” had some of their simplest moves, but the smiles on Beomgyu’s, Soobin’s, and Taehyun’s faces made it fun to watch anyway. Their cutest track, “Cat And Dog,” and the unreleased “Blue Spring,” which they first performed on their ACT: SWEET MIRAGE world tour, were also featured.


A heavier sound

Over time, TXT gravitated towards a heavier sound, which the group’s Lollapalooza set made clear. “Wishlist” exuded pop-punk exuberance, with the audience head-banging even as the rain continued to fall. “LO$ER=LO♡ER,” a track that feels liberating when a crowd sings along, kicked that feeling up a notch with a prolonged, exhilarating conclusion. 

The band gave “Can’t You See Me?” a sludgy, strong arrangement. “Lonely Boy,” “Anti-Romantic,” “Farewell, Neverland,” and “No Rules” were also on the setlist.

Even though their Lollapalooza performance took place during their ACT: SWEET MIRAGE world tour, they added fresh elements to the setlist and songs to surprise Chicago. They did a triumphant version of “Magic” that featured an extended dance break and reunited with Coi Leray for “Happy Fools.” They also debuted their new collaboration with the Jonas Brothers, “Do It Like That,” live, even if the American trio didn’t attend. “It would’ve been fantastic if they joined us, but there’s always a next time,” Taehyun said.

As the set drew to a close, Yeonjun described Lollapalooza as a “dream come true.” Taehyun invited the audience to “join us for the remainder of our world tour, our upcoming album, and more exciting ventures.” The group remained on stage for several minutes after their final electrifying number, “Sugar Rush Ride,” expressing gratitude and initiating more barking.

Fan reactions to TXT at Lollapalooza


In the Disney+ documentary, Our Lost Summer, Yeonjun looked back on TXT’s previous Lollapalooza appearance, expressing doubts about whether they deserved to be on the bill. While they disproved that notion in 2022, this headline act affirmed their rightful place in this elevated slot.

The show was a testament to TXT‘s evolution as artists and their prowess in enchanting audiences with their distinctive fusion of youth and rock. Their fans loved the setlist. Their performance was impeccable, their vocals outstanding, and their stage presence undeniably rockstar-like.

The bond between TXT and their fans, MOA, is profound. This connection was palpable throughout the show. MOA was a pivotal part of the spectacle, from synchronized fan chants to the ocean of light sticks.

TXT‘s Lollapalooza 2023 performance wasn’t a mere concert; it celebrated music, culture, and art’s power to bring people together. People will remember this moment when music broke barriers and a K-pop band captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: TXT’s set made history and their fans are proud. Source: Twitter/@txt_bighit.