E’LAST has been forced to cancel a concert in New York at the last minute and their agency isn’t happy. E Entertainment announced they are taking legal action against the US tour organizer.

E’LAST Agency To Take Legal Action Against US Tour Organizer

E Entertainment recently issued a statement regarding E’LAST’s New York concert scheduled for May 21. According to the agency, they were informed of the show’s cancellation by tour organizer MC Entertainment. Despite their best efforts, the agency could not find a way to push through with the concert.

In the same statement, E Entertainment announced they will take legal action against MC Entertainment for “breach of contract.”

“During the past month or so that we have been on tour, MC Entertainment has not fulfilled various parts of their contract, such as not having booked airplane tickets or hotel rooms, not having made proper preparations in advance at concert venues, pressuring [E’LAST] to hold concerts at venues where it would be impossible to hold a concert, and more,” the statement read.

“However, out of consideration for the local fans who had been waiting for this tour, both our agency and the artist tried as much as we could to proceed with the concerts whenever possible,” it continued.

“We will take all legal action that we can against this breach of contract, and we decided to take legal action against MC Entertainment in order to prevent these kinds of incidents from occurring in the future,” the statement concludes.

E’LAST ‘THRILL’ Tour Faces Several Problems

E’LAST kicked off the North American leg of their ‘THRILL’ tour earlier in May. However, each show was criticized for poor mismanagement by the organizer. According to fans, the concerts would start late and they would be kicked out of the venue without receiving merchandise they paid for. In addition to that, several meet-and-greet and hi-touch events that were scheduled after the concert never took place.

E’LAST is not the only South Korean group that is affected by MC Entertainment’s poor organization. WEi was previously forced to cancel the Latin America leg of their ‘PASSION’ world tour due to issues with the organizer.