Molly Chiang has issued an apology for her recent behavior at a fashion event. The Taiwanese influencer apologized after experiencing backlash over her rough treatment of IU.

Taiwanese Blogger Molly Chiang Apologizes To IU For Rough Behavior At Fashion Event

On May 16, Vogue Taiwan posted a video of Molly Chiang roughly grabbing South Korean superstar IU at the Gucci Cruise 2024 fashion show. Although the clip was deleted, netizens had already seen it and began criticizing the Taiwanese influencer.

Molly Chiang has since addressed the controversy. She shared an apology on Instagram for the way she treated IU at the fashion event.

I want to sincerely apologize for this,” Chiang wrote. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for the fans who support me, and I’m again sorry for disappointing them.”

Chiang further explained that she had sent the apology to IU.

“With the help of a friend who speaks Korean, I translated the apology to IU,” the Taiwanese blogger wrote. “I sent it to IU’s agency along with the English version.”

She added, “My action was not appropriate. I should have been more careful, as everyone comes with a different personality, individuality, and culture.”

Chiang concluded, “I brought this controversy on myself. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t touch people I don’t know. I will make sure to correct this behavior.”

In related news, the people who have worked with IU are defending the “Dream” actress in the face of plagiarism allegations. Mystic Story president Jo Young Chul, who produced IU’s early albums, pointed out that the plagiarism claims have no clear basis.

“While I’ve monitored all the songs that continue to claim plagiarism on YouTube and were recently accused, I was unable to discover any suspicion of plagiarism,” Jo wrote.

On May 10, a Korean citizen filed a lawsuit alleging that IU plagiarized the works of other artists. The suit claimed that the “Blueming” singer had plagiarized a total of six songs. Since then, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment has denied the allegations and the company is planning to pursue legal action.