EXO’s Chen has released the evocative “Empty” MV for the lead single from his fourth mini album, ‘DOOR’. The narrative centers around the deep sense of emptiness one feels after losing someone significant, a sentiment powerfully conveyed through both the visuals and Chen’s emotive performance.

EXO’s Chen Unveils Heartfelt “Empty” MV

In the video, Chen takes on the role of a reflective photographer, capturing poignant portraits that resonate with the song’s themes of loss and solitude.

“Empty” marks a significant milestone in Chen’s career as it is his debut under his new label INB100. This transition heralds a fresh chapter in his artistic journey, offering him a platform to explore new musical landscapes and creative directions. The move to INB100 has given Chen the freedom to experiment with different sounds, allowing for an album that not only showcases his vocal prowess but also his versatility as an artist.

The album ‘DOOR’ promises a collection of tracks that highlight Chen’s growth and evolution. Each song is crafted to reflect his personal and artistic development, blending his signature emotional depth with innovative musical elements. This blend ensures that ‘DOOR’ stands out in his discography, offering fans both the familiarity of his heartfelt ballads and the excitement of new auditory experiences.

A New Beginning for Chen

The release of ‘DOOR’ is a testament to Chen’s resilience and adaptability in the ever-changing music industry. His ability to reinvent himself while maintaining his core artistic identity speaks to his commitment to his craft and his fans. This comeback is not just another addition to his body of work but a significant evolution that reflects his journey both as a musician and as an individual.

Chen’s dedication to his music and his ability to convey deep emotions through his art have always been his strengths. With ‘DOOR’, he continues to build on these strengths, delivering a project that is both intimate and expansive. The themes of loss and solitude in “Empty” are universal, and Chen’s interpretation of these emotions through his music and visuals ensures a deep connection with his audience.

In summary, the release of “Empty” and the ‘DOOR’ album mark an important phase in Chen’s career. The heartfelt storytelling, combined with his new artistic freedoms at INB100, guarantee that this album will leave a lasting impact. Chen’s fans and new listeners alike can look forward to an album that not only resonates emotionally but also pushes the boundaries of his musical expression.