It looks like SM Entertainment has once again found itself in hot water. EXO fans are calling out the company for excluding Chen from promotional content for the group’s latest videos.

SM Entertainment Under Fire for Excluding Chen From EXO Promos

The recent controversy surrounding the exclusion of Chen from new content shared by SM Entertainment has sparked discussions among EXO fans regarding the treatment of the idol since his marriage announcement in 2020.

EXO’s “Travel The World On A Ladder”, a popular series among fans, has recently come under scrutiny for not featuring Chen in the thumbnails of unseen clips shared online. While Chen appears in each video, his absence from the thumbnails has raised questions and concerns among fans about his treatment by the agency.

Fans have pointed out that this is not the first time Chen has been excluded from promotional materials or thumbnails for EXO-related content. Upon closer examination of past clips shared on YouTube, it becomes apparent that Chen is featured less frequently in thumbnails compared to other members. This discrepancy has left fans feeling disappointed and frustrated, as they believe Chen deserves equal representation and recognition as a member of EXO.

Why is SM Excluding Chen From Promotions?

The controversy surrounding Chen’s exclusion from promotional materials is compounded by the tumultuous events that have unfolded since his marriage announcement in 2020. Despite expressing his desire to continue his career as a member of EXO, Chen faced backlash and criticism from some fans, who demanded his departure from the group. This backlash was evident during an EXO event where Chen reportedly received the silent treatment from fans.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Chen has remained dedicated to EXO and his musical endeavors. His commitment to the group has been unwavering, even as he navigates the complexities of married life and fatherhood. However, the recent controversy surrounding his exclusion from promotional materials has reignited discussions about the treatment of Chen by SM Entertainment and EXO fandom.

As fans continue to express their support for Chen and demand equal treatment for all members of EXO, it remains to be seen how SM Entertainment will address the concerns raised by fans regarding Chen’s representation in future content.