Wonbin is taking the internet by storm yet again. The RIIZE member recently revealed a new look, sporting curly hair. Not surprisingly, netizens are loving the ethereal look on the idol.

Wonbin Debuts Curly Hair for Upcoming RIIZE Comeback

On April 14, RIIZE took part in ‘The Performance’, a global music festival commemorating TV Asahi’s 65th anniversary in Japan. It didn’t take long before images of Wonbin and his curly hair began making the rounds on social media.

It was previously confirmed that Wonbin had bleached his hair for an upcoming comeback. Since RIIZE’s debut in September, he has maintained his signature long hair, which has become somewhat of a trademark for him. However, his recent transformation with a blond hair color has added a new dimension to his look, garnering excitement and curiosity among fans.

The decision to switch up his hair color comes at an opportune time as RIIZE prepares to make their mark in the industry with their debut EP, “Riizing.” With the release of their pre-debut teaser “Siren,” the group has already begun generating buzz and anticipation for their upcoming music.

As part of their debut preparations, RIIZE has strategically planned the release of several singles leading up to the EP’s launch in June. Each new single release serves to build momentum and anticipation among fans, further solidifying RIIZE’s presence in the K-pop scene.

Additionally, RIIZE has announced an ambitious fan-con tour titled “Riizing Day,” with shows scheduled across nine countries from May to August. This tour not only showcases RIIZE’s global appeal but also provides fans with the opportunity to experience the group’s dynamic performances live.

Wonbin’s blond hair serves as a visual representation of RIIZE’s evolution and growth as they embark on their debut journey. With each new release and performance, the group continues to captivate audiences with their talent, charisma, and distinctive style. As RIIZE prepares to make their mark in the industry, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Wonbin and the rest of the members.