D.O. has found a new agency and they are immediately taking action to protect their artists. Company Soosoo has issued a statement confirming they are taking legal action against malicious posts about the EXO member and their other affiliated artists.

D.O.’s New Agency Announces Intentions to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Posts

On November 6, Company Soosoo issued a statement about their plans.

“In order to protect the honor of our affiliated artists, we plan to take regular legal action against the creators of malicious posts and comments containing baseless accusations, defamation, and malicious insults on online communities and social media,” the statement read.

“We will collect relevant information through our internal monitoring system, and we would be grateful if fans could also report malicious posts and comments when they come across them. Please report any such content to our dedicated email account at clean@companysoosoo.com,” it continues.

We will continue our ongoing efforts to safeguard our artists’ rights and vigorously respond to illegal activities, including the spread of false information and malicious rumors,” the statement concludes.

On October 18, SM Entertainment also confirmed that D.O. would be leaving the agency. He would then join a new agency founded by SM’s former manager. SM Entertainment further clarified that D.O. will continue his EXO activities with SM while also carrying out acting and individual activities through Company Soosoo.

“D.O.’s exclusive contract with us will expire in early November,” the statement read. “Following thorough discussions with D.O., it has been decided that he will continue his EXO activities with SM, but will also proceed with his acting and individual activities through the newly established agency founded by his and SM’s former manager.”

D.O.’s latest project is the variety show “You Reap What You Sow” which also stars Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ki Bang. In the series, the four friends are seen navigating the challenges of farm life on a vast 500-pyeong (about 17,792 square feet) field.