Despite TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s first VMAs win and collaborative track with Brazilian singer Anitta, several fans have called out BIGHIT MUSIC for the label’s alleged “unfair”  treatment towards the group’s leader Soobin.

Using the hashtag #BigHitTreatSoobinBetter, MOAs, TXT’s fandom, have expressed their frustration against the label. For these fans, Soobin has been receiving inadequate lines and reduced screen time for their music videos.

BIGHIT Music’s alleged behavior towards TXT’s Soobin

According to MOAs, Soobin only got two lines in their recent track “Back for More” featuring Anitta. Additionally, they pointed out that the leader only had 16 seconds in total. While this might be normal for other idol groups, MOAs claim that this division isn’t fair for a group that only has five members. 

Soobin is a singer, a dancer, and an extremely talented person. He literally shines on stage. And he has such an incredible voice and falsetto.. It’s time to stop underestimating him and give him more lines,” one fan demanded.


As per fans, this alleged mistreatment has been evident even in the group’s earlier releases. Even listing down previous tracks “Good Boy Gone Badand “Sugar Rush Ride.”  

Moreover, MOAs are enraged with how BIGHIT highlights Soobin’s part in the trailer, usually featuring it for teasers. But they’ll later find out that the leader only has a few lines in the official music video. To make matters worse, MOAs are claiming that Soobin barely sang and appeared in their “Do It Like That” collaboration with the Jonas Brothers.


Aside from that, MOAs are also upset with how BIGHIT continues to disregard Soobin’s plans to drop a cover. Since 2021, the idol has been expressing his plans to release a cover as a gift for the fans. But even now in 2023, he has not had the opportunity to record one. Which made him the only TXT member without a solo cover, as of writing. 


MOAs on raising their concert about TXT

Some fans also clarified that demanding for more Soobin lines and screen time does not equate to hating the other members. As MOAs have said, they are simply appealing their disappointment towards the management and hope their clamors would be heard.

Others also explained that airing their grievances against the management doesn’t make them less of a fan. Instead, it’s a way of showing more solidarity to the actual artists. 

With the unreasonable exposure BIGHIT has been giving the multi-talented leader, MOAs can’t help but express their anger with how the label handles the boy group. While MOAs urge the BIGHIT to treat Soobin better, the label has yet to release a statement on the issue.

Currently, TXT is gearing up for the release of their third full-length album The Name Chapter: FREEFALL. It will be released on October 13.

Featured image: Soobin in a teaser of ‘Season of TXT: Midsummer.’ Credit: Facebook/TXT