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The world of K-pop has recently been rocked by a controversy surrounding the popular group FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, ATTRAKT. Known for the catchy song “Cupid,” FIFTY FIFTY is embroiled in a legal battle with their agency, leading to concern and speculation among fans and netizens alike. 

So what happened to FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT?

ATTRAKT’s Response

In response to the cancellation of the girl group’s Barbie OST MV filming and their appearance at KCON LA, ATTRAKT released a statement about the issue. The agency confirmed the cancellation of these scheduled activities, citing internal problems and the ongoing legal dispute as the primary reasons. However, the agency has yet to provide specific details about the nature of these issues, leaving the public in the dark about the exact circumstances leading to these cancellations.

The controversy about what happened to FIFTY FITY has led to widespread speculation about the specific opportunities the K-pop group might have missed out on. Fans have expressed disappointment over the K-pop girl group’s canceled KCON LA appearance, a significant event in the K-pop calendar that would have allowed the group to reach a wider audience. The cancellation of the Barbie OST MV filming was also a major blow because it would’ve boosted the group’s international profile and potentially opened up new opportunities for collaborations and endorsements.

Legal Battle Between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT Begins

The legal battle between FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT officially started on July 5, with the first hearing held at Central Seoul’s 50th District Court. The group has asked to terminate its exclusive contract with ATTRAKT on the grounds that the agency violated it. The members’ lawyer has cited many grievances, including cloudy accounting practices and disregard for the members’ health. Such allegations could have serious implications for ATTRAKT and potentially lead to significant changes in how K-pop agencies operate.

ATTRAKT CEO Jeong Hong Joon’s mismanagement of the K-Pop group HOTSHOT also resurfaced. He founded K.O Sound, the company under which that ill-fated group debuted. Fans of HOTSHOT expressed concern about Jeong’s style, citing a lack of promotion and poor communication. This led to increased scrutiny and skepticism regarding Jeong’s handling of FIFTY FIFTY‘s situation.

A report by Dispatch has brought several of the group’s claims into question. The report provided text messages showing the group’s producer, Ahn Sung Il, pressuring the CEO to tell them to work on a music video for the upcoming Barbie movie, despite health concerns. This added another layer of complexity to the controversy and raised questions about power dynamics in the K-pop industry and the pressures idols face.

In a new development, The Givers, the producers of FIFTY FIFTY‘s hit single “Cupid,” released a statement addressing allegations made by ATTRAKT. The Givers claimed that ATTRAKT had given them $9,000 to purchase neighboring rights to “Cupid,” not the song’s copyrights. They also stated that the copyrights to “Cupid” are rightfully owed to them and Ahn Sung Il, and that ATTRAKT is spreading misinformation and confusing the public. The Givers ended their statement with a “final warning” to ATTRAKT and reporters, stating they would reveal their innocence in court.

The Controversy’s Impact on FIFTY FIFTY

The controversy has undoubtedly had a significant impact on FIFTY FIFTY. The group’s image may have been tarnished, potentially affecting their future prospects. The cancellation of their KCON LA appearance and the “Barbie” OST MV filming are significant setbacks, and there is speculation that the group may have missed out on other opportunities as a result of the controversy.

Despite what happened to FIFTY FIFTY and the controversy, fans of FIFTY FIFTY remain hopeful. They believe the group’s talent and charisma will help them overcome these challenges. The agency’s assurance that they are working to resolve the issues has also provided relief to the fans. However, the situation remains uncertain, and it is unclear what the future holds for FIFTY FIFTY.

It’s still too soon to determine the controversy’s long-term impact. As the situation unfolds, all eyes will be on what happened to FIFTY FIFTY and everyone else involved in it. People are waiting to see what their next steps will be. The controversy highlighted the need for greater transparency and fairness in K-pop, and it is hoped that this situation will lead to positive changes.

Featured Image: FIFTY FIFTY releases official photos for their first Single Album, “The Beginning: Cupid”. Source: Twitter/FiftyFifty Official Twitter account