To say that 2023 has been a rollercoaster ride for girl group FIFTY FIFTY is an understatement. 

The year started with their song Cupid “ becoming the highest charting hit by a South Korean group in the history of the Billboard Pop Airplay chart. As proof of their popularity, FIFY FIFTY was even tapped to be part of the soundtrack for the live-action movie Barbie

But it seemed like all the good luck for FIFTY FIFTY had run out come June 2023. On June 19, the members of the group filed for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with agency ATTRAKT. 

According to the group’s legal representatives, the members cited contract breaches and breakdown of trust for their legal action. 

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Since then, more allegations and evidence have come out. And on August 18, two months after the FIFTY FIFTY members first sought the suspension of their contracts, the group filed criminal charges against ATTRAKT’s CEO Jun Hong Joon. 


The filing of criminal charges came after the FIFTY FIFTY members were informed by the court that they had no intention of continuing the meditation. Meaning, the group’s legal dispute with ATTRAKT will return to trial. 

FIFTY FIFTY’s message to their fans 

Following the continued legal battle, the FIFTY FIFTY members have finally broken their silence. Handwritten letters in Korean and English were posted on Instagram under the account fifi_fifi1118

“Hello, we are Keena, Saena, Sio, and Aran of FIFTY FIFTY. We hope that you will be kind enough to understand us conveying our situation in this way. Thank you,” the caption read.

A representative of the group reportedly confirmed that the members personally wrote the letters. 

In their message, the group began by apologizing to “everyone who loves [them] for causing much concern.” 

Meanwhile, the group also empathized that their fans might be confused with what’s happening, saying that “misunderstandings and accusations have been snowballing.” 

Nevertheless, we believe that there is a truth that needs to be uncovered despite these difficulties,” FIFTY FIFTY wrote. 

Additionally, the members shared that while they’re grateful for the love they’ve received, they think it’s best to “right the wrongs that have been forced in our relationship with the agency” 

Moreover, the group said that it’s been “heartbreaking to see so many untrue stories” circulating and that they hope that the truth would be uncovered soon. 

“We sincerely hope that you do not make too much criticism based on false suspicions and misunderstandings and look at the facts objectively,” they asked fans. 

Also, FIFTY FIFTY assured that they’re doing this together as a group. “Every one of our members is in this together,” they said. 

As for their future activities, FIFTY FIFTY shared that they’d like to continue being artists “in a trustworthy environment.”

“We will do our best to come back in good shape and return our thankfulness to all of you who have been following us,” they wrote. 

Fans rally behind FIFTY FIFTY

In response to the members’ letter, fans quickly took to social media to show support for FIFTY FIFTY. 

Using the hashtags “We Love You FIFTY FIFTY” and “Hunnies with FIFTY FITY,” fans sent their messages of solidarity. 


“Please keep fighting hard for what you believe in and never give up,” one comment read. “We are wishing for the best possible outcome from all of this.” 

Another wrote: “Truth cannot be hidden, truth doesn’t change with time. We will be right here waiting patiently for you.” 


As of writing, ATTRAKT has yet to release a statement about the recent developments. 

Featured image: FIFTY FIFTY posing for the concept photo of ‘The Beginning: Cupid’ album. Credit: Twitter/FIFTY FIFTY