Former LOONA member Yves is embarking on an exciting new chapter in her career. She’s pursuing a new musical path separate from her former group members. While the other LOONA members have signed exclusive contracts with new companies, Yves chose to go it alone, focusing on her solo activities and pursuing music that represents her unique style.

Yves’ decision comes after Chuu’s departure from LOONA in November last year and subsequent legal actions taken by other members against their former agency, Blockberry Creative, to suspend their exclusive contracts.

In a recent interview, Yves shared insights into her current status and plans. Yves shared, “I’m staying with my sister and cute cats. There’s a space at home where I can work, so I’ve been busy working. I also started a blog recently.”

Regarding her musical direction, Yves stated, “I like dreamy and rhythmic R&B music or pop-punk with cool band sounds. The fans love the charm that comes from the difference between my strong side on stage and my big smile. I think the musical genre also has that tendency, so I’ll be able to show you various sides.”

Before LOONA’s debut, Yves was interested in acting. Unfortunately, she was never able to pursue it. Now that she’s back in control of her own life, she expressed her desire to learn more about it, keeping the possibility of expanding her career open.


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When asked who her role model is as a solo artist, Yves mentioned BoA. She said she admires the SM Entertainment artist’s unique color, singing skills, and performances that have stood the test of time. But although she’s looking forward to growing independently, Yves also had heartwarming words for her former group members. She expressed her love for them and acknowledged their impact on her life and career. 

“I don’t think they’ll like it if I say something long,” Yves laughed. “It sounds cheesy even after a few years, but I love the members and feel like I’m here because of them. Thank you so much.”

Lastly, Yves shared that her fans are a major source of happiness in her life. “I want to thank the fans who supported me silently. And I want to repay you.”

Fans can look forward to witnessing Yves’ solo journey as she continues to explore her musicality and showcase her growth as an artist. Although what she does from now on may be different from what she did during her time with LOONA, she remains dedicated to shining onstage.

(Featured Image: Yves posted a series of selfies recently. Source: Instagram/Yves’ official Instagram account)