In an exciting announcement, SM Entertainment revealed its plans to launch a reality show titled NCT Universe: LASTART, through which they will handpick new members for their highly popular boy group, NCT.

The show, set to commence on July 27, aims to provide a transparent and captivating glimpse into the process of selecting members for the upcoming NCT NEW TEAM.

The name LASTART is a clever combination of “LAST” and “START.” It symbolizes the conclusion of NCT‘s infinite expansion concept while signifying the beginning of a fresh chapter with the new team. The press release from SM Entertainment to Herald Pop shed light on the show’s premise and objectives.

Viewers will have the chance to witness the intricate procedures involved in member composition, rigorous training, intensive practice sessions, and, ultimately, the formation of the final team. The show is set to captivate global audiences, as it will be broadcasted on multiple platforms, including ENA and TVING in Korea, Nippon TV in Japan, and KOCOWA+ in North, Central, and South America.

As anticipation builds for NCT Universe: LASTART, fans worldwide eagerly await the unveiling of talented new members who will contribute to the continued success and evolution of the esteemed NCT family.

Featured Photo Credit: NCT Official Twitter Account