So, the day SONEs all around the world waited for crazy anticipation finally happened. Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun blessed us on September 1 had tVN’s You Quiz on the Block premiering their episode featuring a reunion of all eight Girl’s Generation members in one interview. But not only were we blessed with the reunion; the interview also blessed us with some new information never heard before in interviews the girls gave for the past 14 years. Here are some things that happened and were revealed to us in the 121st episode of You Quiz on the Block, featuring Sonyeo Shide.

1. The Schedules Were Crazy 

When the girls reminisced about their legendary 14-year career, most of them can still clearly remember the crazy schedules they had, considering they were the Nation’s Girl Group. Sunny recounted how they took a 12-hour flight to Australia and perform there before taking a midnight flight back to Seoul and go directly to a music show  Yuri for her part narrated their trip across three continents, from Korea to Paris to the US, while Hyoyeon talked about performing for a year-end music program in Tokyo then taking a jet back to Seoul to perform on a year-end music show as well, so they did not have any time for even outfit changes.  

2. Taeyeon the Diet Rebel

With stunningly consistent and stable vocal abilities even during her days an SM Entertainment trainee, there was little doubt Taeyeon would debut in Girl’s Generation, or in any girl group. But then, that still didn’t stop SM and its managers from subjecting the Kid Leader to strict and rigid rules applied to all trainees, including strict diets to achieve an idol-level body image. Taeyeon herself admitted that she was considered chubbier than the other trainees (is that even possible?), and so everything she had to eat was monitored. She got so frustrated that she snuck out of their trainee quarters and went hope to be away from her strict managers and obviously, to enjoy some good ‘ole home cooking. Seohyun seconded this, claiming that all of them were guilty of hiding chocolates and eating them when the managers were not watching them.

3. The Impromptu Performances!

Obviously, since there was no time to do a review of SNSD’s discography like we SONEs demand, there were some segments in the show that allowed the members to reminisce some of their songs and their equally legendary dances. While talking about that iconic Music Core performance of Genie in a helipad, Yuri got up on her feet and danced the iconic leg beauty dance (that move where the girls kick imaginary dirt while stretching their legs in the process) and the iconic Kissing You live stages that Yoona performed complete with lollipop waving, where Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Sunny, could not resist but join her before the chorus ended. The National MC, who has a distinct preference for songs released in the previous decade, couldn’t help but sing along with the teenybopper song, repeatedly saying he “likes the song so much” 

4. A Hard Knock Life as Year-End Rookies

As the most in-demand female group in the early 2010s, SNSD needed to be present in each and every special year-end program presented by the various TV stations. As they were still relative rookies after only being in the business for 3 to 4 years, they had to satisfy SONEs with their regular appearances while performing hits of their sunbaenims like Fin.K.L, S.E.S., and of course, BoA. Maknae Seohyun recalled that in a lot of year-end performances, it is assumed that they have stocked knowledge of 1st gen k-pop choreography from their trainee years, so they are usually taught their special stage choreos hours before the performance. Tiffany testifies to this when they had only two hours to nail the moves to Lee Hyori’s U-Go-Girl. This reminds me how impressed Tiffany’s unnies in Sister Slam Dunk were when she memorized the dance to their song Shut Up after only a couple of repetitions.

5. A Possible Girls’ Generation Reunion Song?

Of course, the show couldn’t end without Yoo Jaesuk and Jo Seho asking the girls if there are plans for an OT8 comeback. As with their previous reactions when they have been asked this question in other interviews, the girls were coy and played it safe by saying they are always open to the possibility. But then, Sunny just had to give us that glimmer of hope by saying, “I guess we’ll have to do it now since Yoo Jae Suk said so.”    

And a million SONE hearts fluttered. 

Featured image: Girls’ Generation’s reunion on Yoo Quiz on the Block. Photo: youquizontheblock/Instagram