BTS fans, aka the ARMY, recently celebrated as news broke of an apology from a hater who wrote mean things about V, also known as Kim Taehyung. This apology surfaced on the South Korean online forum, Nate Pann, on October 1 and was subsequently shared on X (formerly Twitter) with English translations the same day.

The hater identified themselves as “Kim X-young from Busan.” They said that HYBE, the agency behind BTS, had initiated legal proceedings against them due to their disparaging comments about V. Kim admitted that their skewed perception of V originated from a 2022 YouTube video mocking the idol.

The hater speaks

In their post, Kim said, “I watched those videos, and for some reason, I believed what was said to be the truth. I was not thinking. At first, I kept it private. However, I decided to participate once I saw other people express their hate toward the idol. I left hateful comments and made up rumors about him. I hated him because I believed he was a bad person that the videos made him out to be. Never did I think to stop and learn the truth about him.”

Highlighting the gravity of their actions, Kim pleaded for forgiveness, emphasizing the potential repercussions on their future, especially with an impending civil service exam. They expressed their anxiety over the lawsuit and the possibility of a tarnished record. Despite being informed that an apology might not influence the court’s decision, Kim felt compelled to apologize publicly.

He added, “I didn’t realize that my comments, based on false ideas, could hurt V. I felt terrible after I learned that nothing I thought I knew about him was true. It’d be best to apologize to him in person. But I can’t, so I’d like to at least make it public. I won’t ever leave malicious comments or spread rumors again. I won’t believe all the videos I see on YouTube. Please forgive me. I was so young. I didn’t understand how the world works. Please forgive me and help me become a new person. I’m so sorry.”

Fans remain uncertain

However, this act of contrition was met with skepticism by Korean netizens. It’s worth noting that Kim isn’t the first hater to use Nate Pann as a platform for public apologies. Notorious YouTuber, SOJANG, had previously used the forum to apologize for spreading false information about celebrities.

Fans remain uncertain about Kim’s sincerity. Nevertheless, they commend HYBE for showing no signs of leniency. Online hate continues to plague the K-pop industry, jeopardizing the mental health of idols. As a result, many management companies are now more aggressive in taking legal action against all malicious commenters.

On a brighter note, BTSV, Kim Taehyung, recently clinched his first victory in the Best Fall Music category at The Fact Music Awards 2023 for his title track, “Slow Dancing,” from Layover. Being the last member of BTS to debut solo, V‘s achievement comes just a month after his solo debut. The award ceremony is set to take place on October 10 at Incheon’s Namdong Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: The hater apologized, but whether his apology will be accepted or not remains to be seen. Source: X/@Purplenhuheaven.