iKON ended 2022 with a significant announcement: their departure from their longtime label, YG Entertainment. The group chose to continue their journey with all six members under a new agency, 143 Entertainment. This decision was met with overwhelming support from fans, especially as iKON intensified their releases, promotions, and schedules. One of the highlights was their world tour, which began in Seoul in May and had its first U.S. stop in New York on September 5.

While in New York, iKON had an enlightening conversation with Forbes.com’s K-pop columnist, Jeff Benjamin. They delved into why they decided to part ways with YG Entertainment. Bobby, an iKON member, shared an intriguing encounter with a representative from 143 Entertainment. This person gave them a “unique opportunity” to gain deeper insights into the entertainment industry’s intricacies.

iKON – 2023 WORLD TOUR TAKE OFF +49 Behind The Scenes

A great opportunity

Bobby elaborated, “Well, our company changed. We had this great opportunity and met this really nice guy. He was like, ‘Why don’t you join us at 143 Entertainment and have opportunities for yourselves to learn more about this industry and everything?’ YG is a fantastic company. But they took care of everything for us. All we had to do was be on stage and write music. We wanted to learn more, so we chose this path. It was challenging but a lot of fun.”

DK added his perspective, emphasizing the group’s desire to remain authentic to iKON‘s unique style and connect with their fans. He said, “We can release our albums freely and make music resembling iKON‘s colors and style. The most significant point was our wish to keep meeting our fans for a long time. We wanted to present new and exciting music to the fans.”


iKON is eager to return to the studio

Bobby humorously addressed the delay in their U.S. tour, admitting they were unsure why it took so long. He said, “Honestly, we don’t know,” he laughed. “But we’re really happy to be here and want to thank all who came to see us.”

In September, iKON reclaimed all group trademarks from YG Entertainment in a significant move. This allowed them to release their first album under 143 Entertainment in May. Retaining a name after leaving an agency has always been challenging in K-pop. But iKON secured all 13 trademarks related to their name from their former agency, ensuring they could stay together without legal hindrances.

iKON is on tour, but they are eager to return to the studio. They are excited about their newfound freedom, which allows them to drop group and solo albums. “Next year, my solo album is coming out. I hope the fans will look out for these solo promotional activities, but we won’t stop as iKON. I just hope the fans will continue to look forward to that as we keep moving forward,” DK shared. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: According to them, the group left YG because they wanted to be more hands-on in all aspects of their careers. Source: @iKONIC_143.