I’LL-IT, HYBE’s new girl group formed through the survival show “R U Next?”, finally reveals their first profile photos.

Posted on the group’s official social media account,  the six members showcased their unique and alluring charms. The photos came days after Yunah, Minju, Moka, Youngseo, Wonhee, and Iroh were announced to be in the debut lineup. 

The oldest member Yunah is seen flaunting her visuals with a mix-match coordination of a frill-decorated dress and a jacket.

Second is Minju, who also gave a glimpse of her distinct style wearing her knitwear outfit and headset.

On the other hand, Moka showed a hip and cute look in a white dress accentuated by a black beanie.

Next is Youngseo, who is characterized by a cat-like figure, chicly posing in her pink dress.

Meanwhile, Wonhee shows a different aura as exhibits her playful personality with her cute expressions in the photos.

Meanwhile, Iroha, the youngest member in the group, also shined with her stunning visuals. 

Dream to debut of I’LL-IT members

In R U Next, 22 female trainees were assessed through seven rounds, with only six officially debuting. Following the conclusion of the survival show, the ILL-IT members looked back on their journey.  

The oldest member Yunah mentioned that overwhelming emotions rushed over her when her name was called in the final episode of ‘R U Next?’.I will prepare for my debut with the same mindset as when I first started as a trainee. I will continue to show growth even after debut,” she said with determination.

Meanwhile, Wonhee, who ranked first in the survival show, admitted that she found it difficult to become one of the final members. “I was surprised when my name was called, and it didn’t feel real. My trainee life isn’t long, but I’ll do my best to show you a cool side of me,” she exclaimed.

Additionally, Iroha, the group’s youngest member, mentioned that she always felt a mixture of joy, excitement, anxiety, and worry while doing ‘R U Next?’ Committed to giving her best as part of the debuting lineup, she thanked her fans and family. I just think that I should work harder and become a cool idol in the future,” she said. 

As of writing, BE:LIFT LAB has yet to announce the details for ILL-IT’s official debut. However, fans can communicate with the girl group through their Weverse community. 

Interestingly, they’ll be the agency’s first girl group. In August BE:LIFE LAB, who manages boy group ENHYPEN, was acquired by HYBE.  

Meanwhile, in other news, HYBE has also launched another survival reality show The Debut: Dream Academy. This time, in partnership with Geffen Records, they’re aiming for a global girl group.

Featured image: BE:LIFT LAB releases individual profile photos for I’LL-IT members. Credit: Twitter/I’LL-IT