Hyeri, known for tackling dynamic roles in K-dramas, is considering an offer to appear in TVING’s upcoming Girls’ Love (GL) drama, Friendly Competition. This drama, inspired by the webtoon of the same name, tells the compelling story of Woo Seul-gi. She’s the new kid at an elite girls’ high school in Seoul who crosses paths with Yoo Jae-yee, the school’s top student.

Friendly Competition isn’t just about the budding romance between two girls from different backgrounds. It’s a narrative rich with complexity and depth. Woo Seul-gi, having been the top student at her old school, faces a whole new set of challenges at the prestigious Chaehwa Girls’ High School. Here, she meets Yoo Jae-yee, who’s blessed with a high IQ and exceptional talents. Unlike Woo Seul-gi, who’s targeted by bullies, Yoo Jae-yee is admired and envied by everyone around her. The drama unfolds as these two young ladies gradually develop feelings for each other.

However, Friendly Competition is set to be more than a typical GL drama. It will touch on topics like  substance abuse, self-harm, and masturbation. These will be portrayed in such a way that will push the boundaries of what is usually aired on television. This bold portrayal of teenagers grappling with various addictions adds a layer of depth and realism to the show. It’s one part love story, one part mystery, and one part psychological thriller. Screenwriter Kim Tae-hee penned the script.


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Hyeri is ‘considering’ the role

Hyeri‘s agency, Creative Group ING, has confirmed that the actress is seriously thinking about taking the role in Friendly Competition. If the reports are accurate, this role will mark her return to the small screen since the MBC drama May I Help You? which ended in December 2022. Additionally, Hyeri is preparing for the release of her film Victory.

The announcement of Hyeri‘s involvement in Friendly Competition has sparked excitement and surprise among Korean netizens. Many expressed anticipation for the drama and wondered how the webtoon would translate to television. Some were particularly eager to see how a well-known actress like Hyeri will do in a drama featuring a same-sex romance.

As Friendly Competition currently has no set premiere date, fans are awaiting further announcements. This drama promises to be a groundbreaking addition to the K-drama scene, offering a fresh perspective on girls’ love stories and the complexities of teenage life. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Will Hyeri accept the offer or not? Source: X/@iconickdramatweets.