It’s official: all members of ITZY are now on Instagram! In celebration of their fifth debut anniversary, Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Chaeryeong, and Yuna have launched their personal Instagram accounts.

ITZY Celebrates Fifth Debut Anniversary By Launching Personal Instagram Accounts

The decision of all five members of ITZY to join Instagram individually marks a significant moment for both the group and their fans. While the group’s official Instagram account serves as a platform for sharing group updates and promotions, the individual accounts provide a more personal and intimate connection between each member and their fans.

Opening individual Instagram accounts allows the ITZY members to express their unique personalities and interests outside of their group activities. It offers them a space to share personal moments, hobbies, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives beyond the stage. This move not only enhances their accessibility to fans but also strengthens their individual brands and identities within the entertainment industry.

The ITZY members’ personal Instagram accounts are @yezyishere (Yeji), @iamfinethankyouandryu (Ryujin), @lia_loves___ (Lia), @chaerrry0 (Chaeryeong), and@igotyuandme (Yuna).

For fans, the launch of ITZY’s individual Instagram accounts represents an exciting opportunity to engage with their favorite members on a more personal level. It offers them a chance to interact directly with each member, express their support, and feel closer to the group as a whole. Fans can look forward to exclusive content, such as selfies, photoshoot outtakes, and candid snapshots, that showcase the members’ daily lives and personalities.

The decision to open individual Instagram accounts also reflects the growing importance of social media presence in the K-pop industry. In an age where digital engagement plays a crucial role in artists’ success, having a strong presence on platforms like Instagram allows idols to connect with fans worldwide, promote their activities, and expand their reach beyond traditional media channels.

Additionally, Lia’s decision to join Instagram despite her current hiatus due to health reasons demonstrates her commitment to staying connected with fans and maintaining her presence within the group. While Lia may be temporarily unable to participate in group activities, her presence on Instagram allows fans to continue supporting her and stay updated on her progress.

Overall, the launch of ITZY’s individual Instagram accounts signifies a new chapter in the group’s journey, offering fans a deeper insight into the lives of each member and strengthening their bond with the group. As ITZY continues to captivate audiences with their music and performances, their presence on Instagram will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping their ongoing success and furthering their connection with fans around the world.