On February 29, 2024, Stray KidsHyunjin made headlines by securing the top spot on the Most Visible Influencers by Estimated Media Value (EMV) list during Milan Fashion Week. Remarkably, he achieved this significant digital milestone with just one Instagram post. 


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This feat was highlighted by Lefty, an influencer marketing platform known for optimizing strategy and automating workflows. STAYs were thrilled, because the other celebrities on the list engaged with their brands through multiple posts, ranging from two to 25 times.

As a global brand ambassador for Versace, Hyunjin’s presence brought significant attention to the luxury brand. According to Lefty, the week ended with a total EMV of 149 million USD. Versace’s global brand ambassador emerged as the event’s most influential figure, with that one post from Hyunjin generating an astounding 4.02 million USD in EMV and an impressive 37.4% engagement rate. These numbers underscore the K-pop idol’s unparalleled influence and proves that Versace did the right thing by partnering with him.


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Hyunjin is making waves in fashion

Versace itself reaped substantial benefits from this partnership, becoming the top brand of Milan Fashion Week with an EMV of 19.9 million USD. This success was largely due to its association with Hyunjin. His role as Versace’s global brand ambassador, starting on July 20, 2023, was historic. He became the first K-pop industry icon to represent the Italian luxury brand in such a capacity.

Meanwhile, as Hyunjin makes waves in fashion, his group, Stray Kids, continues to do so in music. They laid out all their plans for the year, including their fourth fan meeting, through their STEP OUT 2024 video. They’re also set to perform at Italy’s I-Days Milano music festival on July 12, 2024. They will perform in front of 80,000 spectators, becoming the first fourth-generation male K-pop act to headline this big event. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: No other celebrity’s impact came close to Hyunjin’s. He’s truly in a league of his own. Source: X/@ElleMenThailand.