My Demon star Song Kang is set to enlist in the military this April. On February 29, his agency released a statement about the actor’s enlistment. “Hello, this is Namoo Actors. We express deep gratitude to the fans who always show love for actor Song Kang, and this is a notice regarding Song Kang’s enlistment,” they began.

They went on to outline Song Kang’s enlistment plans. “Song Kang will be enlisting as an active duty soldier of the Republic of Korea Army on Tuesday, April 2. There will be no official events held when he enters the recruit training center. He will be enlisting privately to prevent safety accidents due to congestion on site, so we ask for your understanding.”

Furthermore, the agency asked fans to keep the actor in their thoughts as he enters the training center and transitions into serving in the army upon graduation. “We ask for the warm love and support of many people in order for Song Kang to return in good health with greater maturity after diligently completing his mandatory service. Thank you.”

This statement underscores the agency’s hope for Song Kang’s safe return, a sentiment that his fans from all over the world share.


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Song Kang is preparing for this new chapter

Song Kang’s last public appearance was on February 6 at the GODIVA Samsung Town in Gangnam for the 2024 Valentine’s Day & White Day press event. Dressed in a romantic, all-white suit with a black tie and shoes, Song Kang charmed fans with his prince-like visuals.

During the event, he struck various poses for the cameras. He even saluted photographers while holding a heart-shaped box of GODIVA chocolates. Initially, Song Kang raised his left hand because he was holding the chocolates with his right. The photographers then reminded him that soldiers usually salute with the right hand. He quickly switched hands, smiling sheepishly at his mistake.

Since his debut in 2017 with the tvN drama The Liar and His Lover, Song Kang has captivated audiences the world over with his roles in popular series such as Love Alarm and Sweet Home, not to mention Nevertheless and Forecasting Love and Weather.

As the actor prepares for this new chapter, fans and supporters wish him a safe and fulfilling service period. – K-Pop News Writer

Featured Image: Be safe, oppa! Source: X/@SongKangTW.