The iKON members are officially free. In a groundbreaking moment for the idols and a significant milestone in the K-Pop industry, the talented members of the renowned boy group iKON have successfully gained ownership of all their group trademarks following their departure from YG Entertainment.

iKON Members Finally Claim Group Trademarks Since YG Entertainment Exit

As confirmed by the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS), a total of 13 trademarks associated with the K-Pop sensation “iKON” have now been officially transferred to its members. This remarkable development extends to the group’s dedicated artists, including Kim Jin Hwan (Jay), Song Yun Hyeong (Song), Kim Ji Won (Bobby), Kim Dong Hyuk (DK), Koo Jun Hoe (Ju-Ne), and Jung Chan Woo (Chan).

This significant achievement signifies that each member of iKON is now a proud owner of their group’s valuable trademarks, marking a historic moment in their artistic journey and underlining their autonomy in shaping their future endeavors.

In the previous year, iKON bid farewell to YG Entertainment by releasing their final mini-album ‘Flashback’ under the agency and embarking on a memorable Japan tour. This marked a significant transition in their career. On December 30, the members collectively declared their departure from YG Entertainment, setting the stage for a new chapter in their journey. Shortly thereafter, they embarked on this fresh adventure by signing with 143 Entertainment.

Their first release under 143 Entertainment was the eagerly anticipated album ‘Take Off’ which debuted in May of this year. However, an important detail persisted – although the album bore the group’s iconic name, iKON, the members still did not possess the legal rights to that name. Despite their newfound creative freedom, this legal distinction underscored the ongoing importance of resolving their trademark ownership, paving the way for their artistic autonomy and continued success in the ever-evolving world of K-Pop.

The iKON members have been on a long journey since their debut. Needless to say, owning the rights to their songs and the group name is a major milestone.