It looks like they lived happily ever after, after all! IU has revealed the alternate ending to the music video for “Love Wins All” and it shows the couple played by the soloist with co-star BTS V getting what they deserved!

‘Love Wins All’ MV Alternate Ending Revealed During IU Concert

IU’s H.E.R World Tour, which commenced on March 2 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, marked a significant milestone in the K-pop icon’s career. The tour serves as a platform to promote her latest EP, “The Winning,” released just a month prior, with its lead single “Love Wins All” garnering immense anticipation, especially due to its captivating music video featuring BTS’s V.

The music video captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling and stellar performances from IU and V. Set in a dystopian world, the protagonists navigate a perilous journey, evading an ominous entity threatening their lives. Amidst the chaos, they find solace in fleeting moments of love, envisioning an alternate reality free from the clutches of fate.

The poignant climax of the video, where the couple confronts their inevitable demise, left viewers emotionally moved. The symbolism of their torn wedding attire serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the transient nature of love.

The Alternate Ending

However, fans were granted a glimmer of hope when IU unveiled an alternate ending during her concert—a heartwarming conclusion depicting V and IU driving away together, wrapped in each other’s embrace. This alternative ending, met with widespread acclaim, offered fans the closure they yearned for, as it provided a sense of redemption and closure for the characters.

While some interpreted this ending as a literal resolution to the characters’ story, others speculated it to be a manifestation of their shared fantasy or an afterlife sequence. Regardless of interpretation, the newfound happiness portrayed in the alternative ending resonated deeply with fans, who found solace in witnessing their beloved characters find peace and happiness, if only for a fleeting moment.

IU’s ability to evoke such emotional responses through her music and storytelling underscores her prowess as an artist. By offering fans a glimpse into the multifaceted narrative behind “Love Wins All,” IU continues to captivate audiences worldwide, reaffirming her status as a trailblazer in the K-pop industry.