Jang Wonyoung, a member of the Starship Entertainment K-pop girl group IVE, was recently in the spotlight for her extraordinary professionalism while filming their latest music video, “I Am.” The idol‘s commitment to her craft was tested when she suffered a severe injury on set, for which she needed immediate medical attention and seven stitches.

The untold story of Wonyoung’s injury was revealed by the music video’s director, Son Seung Hee, during an appearance on the MBC FM4U radio program GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend Forever. She shared, “I don’t believe this has ever been mentioned, but Wonyoung got injured on the filming set. She hurt her arm and had to get seven stitches. That was the biggest scare I’ve had on a set.”

Despite her injury, Wonyoung’s dedication to her work didn’t waver. The director recalled, “We had two more sessions left, but I thought filming would be canceled because Wonyoung got injured. But she went to the emergency room, got stitches, then returned to the set to continue filming.”

Wonyoung’s resilience was further highlighted by her ability to perform the choreography for “I Am,” which required extensive use of her arms. Director Son expressed admiration for Wonyoung’s fortitude, saying, “She was so professional. She didn’t show that she was having a difficult time. At her age, too. The choreography for ‘I Am’ has some moves where they have to use their arms a lot. I just winced watching her do those moves. It pained me to see her doing them with that injury.”

The director further praised Wonyoung, saying, “There are scenes from the MV that wouldn’t have been possible if Wonyoung hadn’t pulled them off with her injury like she did.”

That wasn’t the first time Wonyoung’s professionalism shone through. Last year, she was praised for her incredible performance despite a knee injury. Her ability to overcome physical adversity and deliver a stellar performance is a testament to her dedication and passion for her craft.

Featured Image: Days before IVE’s first full-length album dropped, Wonyoung posted this photo and captioned it, “It’s our time.” Source: Instagram/Wonyoung’s personal Instagram account.