There is little doubt that Jang Wonyoung is one of the most beautiful faces in the K-pop industry. However, the IVE visual admitted she has insecurities about her body. In addition to that, Jang Won-young shared an important beauty routine that she never forgets.

Jang Won Young Shares Unexpected Body Insecurity

Jang Wonyoung recently sat down with Allure Korea in a special interview. In the video, the IVE member answered questions from the magazine’s staff members. For instance, the first question asked about her TMI. “I wore perfume that has a vanilla scent,” the idol responded.

Wonyoung also revealed that she listened to Miley Cyrus’ song “Flowers” on her way to work. One staff member praised her for her perfect looks then asked about a body part she didn’t like.

The IVE vocalist first thanked the staff member for the compliment. She then admitted that she has a minor concern about her cheeks.

“It’s not really an insecurity, but I try to avoid getting too bloated in the face,” Jang Wonyoung said. “I think it’s because I have some cheek fat.”

When pressed if she wakes up with a bloated face, Wonyoung clarified that it doesn’t happen often. “I’m not the type to bloat too much, but I wish my cheeks look like this all the time,” she said while touching her face.

Jang Wonyoung Reveals The Skincare Product She Always Uses

Jang Wonyoung was also asked about her skincare routine. Interestingly, she stated that she doesn’t have one but confessed that she uses serum whenever she can. “I think the important thing is to keep your skin moisturized,” Wonyoung said.

IVE released their first studio album ‘I’ve Ive’ on April 10, 2023. The full album consists of 11 songs including the pre-release single “Kitsch” and the lead single “I Am.” The group is currently promoting with five members after main rapper Rei announced her temporary hiatus due to health issues.